January 2018 – What We Watched This Month

January said to be the longest month and one of the most miserable. Not to me, January is the time your favourite shows come back from winter break and you can see the launch of new shows. It can be a very exciting time for TV binging and I am here to tell you what we watched this month – January 2018!

The Adults

Black Mirror Season 1-4

Black Mirror has been an eye opener and fascinating watch. It was all quite realistic but with a futuristic twist, making it quite scary thinking it was all possible. We enjoyed every episode of every season of this show. It was all fantastic writing, great acting and I don’t feel like there is anything more you can say. I would definitely recommend this as a must watch, it was intriguing and really got my brain thinking.

I will add that some episodes are teen-friendly but not all so would still keep this for adults.

The Cruise – ITV

The cruise was one of ITV’s real life behind the scenes shows. It was following a few individuals that work and live on Cruise ships. The programme was funny, light and entertaining, of course in these programmes you end up with a favourite. Our favourite, of course, is receptionist Timothy who doesn’t just have a unique laugh but a lovely attitude on the ship. The series is narrated by none other than Hugh Bonneville and sees the goings on of cruise life with the staff and passengers.

I would definitely recommend watching the series and keep up with the crew. It is lovely and light-hearted and suitable for all the family to watch together.

The Teens

The End Of The F*cking World

I can’t say anything but this was weirdly wonderful, based on the comics by Charles Forsman, “The End of the F…ing World”. Sees 2 17 years old outsiders set off on a road trip together, a series of events unfold and one thing leads to another… not in a good way. We enjoyed this new, blunt humoured series. It was very fresh and was great to watch, I would definitely recommend watching if you are looking for something a little different and new.

There is no word of a second series yet but we are hoping for one. I would love to know what you think of this or even let me know what you thought of the comics, in the comments below.


Possibly the best thing I have watched all year and I know we are only in February but I am calling it now. This series was heartwarming, witty, funny and all round entertaining. This series follows teenager Sam who is on the autistic spectrum who has now decided he is ready for romance. Following him through his progress, his train of thoughts and his lovely family unit. I loved everything about this series and was gutted when it ended. There is going to be a second series thank goodness as I can’t wait to watch more.

You will see a familiar face or two in the form of Sam’s dad Doug who was Friend’s Phoebe police boyfriend. If you have seen the show I would love to know what your thoughts are in the comments.

The Kids


Though we don’t watch much of the kids’ stuff ourselves we get our reviews from my Niece and Nephew. Lately, Bella is into Vampirina big time, this is a Disney Junior Channel programme based on Vampirina Ballerina series of books written by Anne Marie Pace. It follows a young girl “Vee” on the journey of being a new girl on the block when her family move from Transylvania to Pennsylvania.


Frankie is really into watching numberjacks. Numberjacks was shown on CBeebies in 2006 – 2009. Though this is no longer shown on tv, you can get the episodes online and on DVD. They are numbers that range in age (their age is their number). They are animated number superheroes who solve real-life problems. It is a great show for kids to watch as it is entertaining and educational.

As always, we’d love to know what you’ve been watching this month in the comments below… We might even watch something you recommend and feature it in next months segment.

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