Japanese Pokemon Cards From The Pokemon Centre, Tokyo

We’re having the best time in Japan right now. It’s been my dream to visit this country for as long as I can remember, so when some bargain flights came up last year, I knew that was my chance.

Nine short months later and here we are. Spending a month in this crazy, crazy country. We’ve based ourselves in the heart of it all, Tokyo and have been hunting down Pokemon Centers across the city. Travelling with only hand-luggage has made making crazy impulse purchases rather difficult. However, that’s not stopped myself or Helen from purchasing just a couple (times five…) packs of Pokemon cards.

Retailing between 150yen and 220yen, these cards each contain either 5 or 6 cards. I’m not entirely sure why there’s a difference in the number of cards or the price, but at the same time, I barely care. I’m in it for the artwork.

This takes me back to when I was a kid. Trading Pokemon cards on the playground…

Side note: Aged 10 I got the coolest boy at our school to be my boyfriend thanks to an overzealous Pokemon card trade

I’d see the Japanese Pokemon cards, and immediately be blown away. It could be the most common card in the world, but being Japanese, it suddenly wasn’t. Even now I have that same feeling when I see a Japanese Pokemon card, and yet suddenly we own around a hundred of them. It’s pretty cool.

Helen and I opened our latest Pokemon card boosters outside the Pokemon Center at Skytree. Unlike the previous ‘unboxing’ it was me who this time managed to pull a rare.

There’s a variety of prices online for the Pokemon Card Japanese – Zoroark GX HR. However, I’m probably looking at around £40 (some have sold for up to £100). Luckily, we’d been to Mint (a speciality card store in the city) earlier that week and picked up a single top loader which we applied to ensure some protection.

We only hope we has much success with any future Japanese Pokemon card purchases while we’re here.

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