July 2018 – What We Watched This Month

We’ve spent half of the month in LA, and while that means a lot of time spent exploring it also means that we’ve had a chance to catch up on some awesome movies on two flights each more than 11 hours.

The Adults

Hidden Figures

On our return flight from Los Angeles to Manchester, we had a choice of six films and one really stood out – so much so when I looked around, everyone was watching it. That film was hidden figures. This film is empowering, but also as a young person, it reminds you how far people of colour have had to come to have the same rights as us and how hard that must have been.

At times I found the film hard to watch, not due to poor scripting or performance, based on a real-life story you can come to believe that both were impeccable. Instead, I found myself frustrated and angry that this is what people of such intelligence and talent had to face.

Sadly, I’d have never know about these three women or the changes they’d made to the world had it not be for this film. So, it’s safe to say both Helen and I would recommend it to all so we can come to understand our past, be better and appreciate these amazing women and the amazing women of the future.

Orange Is The New Black

One of the OG Netflix Original series, Orange is the new black is back for the 6th season. In our opinion recent years has seen this series deteriorate to half the show it once was, that said it we still had to binge watch it over a three day period (more than most fans I’m sure). Once again, however, I found myself disappointed by the storyline albeit less than previous years.

The pace of the story seemed somewhat slow, especially towards the middle couple of episodes as they continued to build up to another cliffhanger. I keep telling myself “well maybe next season…” so here I am, waiting 12 months once again for another 3-day binge.

The Minimalists

We’ve recently been taking a long hard look at our life. Over the course of the past couple of weeks, we’ve found ourselves more in limbo than ever before, that’s caused us to turn our unhappiness into temporary happiness with unnecessary purchases and therefore debt. While things aren’t completely out of control, we decided to watch the Netflix documentary The Minimalists in the hope of getting back on track.

The documentary asks many thought-provoking questions, some of which I’m sure many people wouldn’t want to hear. It leads you to look at your life, and the life you’ve created for yourself in a different way and resulted in us having a drastic clear out of our unnecessary stuff. What’s great about this documentary is it leads on nicely to further minimalism content that you can consume from Ryan and Joshua as a result of their website, youtube channel and social media or from others within the field.

The Kids

Transylvania 3

The long-awaited summer holidays are here, which means only one thing. A load of new, great cinema releases for families. One of which is the third installment from the animated series Transylvania. This movie is a great fit for the summer holidays being based on Drac going on his own holiday, a monster cruise.

When you get to the third movie of any franchise you surely start to wonder if they are just pulling at the purse strings, however in Transylvania’s case it’s just as funny, if not more, than the first 2 movies and continues with a great theme of promoting positive messages to young children. Bravo Sony!

The Boss Baby: Back In Business

The Boss Baby back in business is a series featuring on Netflix based on the successful animated movie by Dreamworks Animation, Boss Baby. The series was originally released back in April, although it’s taken a couple of months to gain traction in our (and other friends and families) household. With 10 episodes, each featuring a mini-story this is a great show for after dinner on an evening.

Future Boss Baby content is likely to be released over the coming months/years. With the second installment of the premier movie due for release in cinemas in 2021 by Universal Pictures.

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