June 2018 – What We Watched This Month

A little like may we have spent quite a lot of our time away. While this doesn’t mean we haven’t watched a lot, we also haven’t watched too much new stuff. We have been enjoying a lot of Netflix, as it is easy to watch anywhere in the world.

The Adults

You Me Her

We started watching You, Me, Her quite some time ago when it first came onto Netflix. We ended up not finishing the second series so we decided to catch up again. We wre drawn back in as Netflix advertised they had a new series out so we thought we would watch. Later realising we didn’t finish the second series. You, Me, Her is an interesting twist on a relationship including 3 people, they go through the trials of loving 2 people and what that means for them in the future.

If you are a fan of Nash from Amazon’s Red Oaks you will love him in this, he plays Jack’s best friend Dave. Another key comedian is Jennifer Spence also known as Emma’s best friend Carmen and wife of Dave. With multiple layers of relationships, comedy and love you will be entertained for hours.

The Staircase

A couple of month’s ago Cora watched the intriguing and intense case of OJ Simpson in 1992. We were so hooked on the case and enjoyed watching the series unfold we were on the look out for something new. This is when we kept hearing about The Staircase, everyone was talking about it and so we thought we would give it ago.

The Staircase follows the trial of Michael Peterson over the course of 15 years after the death of his wife Kathleen Peterson. The trial and series is intense and so addictive to watch, even if you aren’t into murder mysteries or real life series this is not like anything you have seen. We enjoyed it so much we googled different theories to her death and read more into the case and the people involved in the case.

The Teens

What Happens In Vegas

While we were on an 11 hour flight from Manchester to LA we had a small, I mean small selection of films to watch. We both ended up watching What Happens In Vegas, it is quite old now but still as funny as it was the first time round.

On My Block

This is a show we have watched a couple of episodes and enjoyed. Though it doesn’t grab our attention like some of our favourites it is a good one for the more young adult viewers. It starts off with a group of 4 friends, 3 guys and 1 girl. Over the summer months a few things change, a relationship develops and one joins a gang.

It is witty and comical and is entertaining, we are trying to catch back up on the rest of the episodes.

The Kids

Finding Dory

No matter what kind of Disney fan you are, this is such a lovely film. I loved loved loved Finding Nemo and Finding Dory was no different. It is such a heartwarming and fun film for everyone to enjoy. There is always those hidden jokes that only adults would understand and plenty of funny moments for the kids to enjoy.

The Incredibles

Due to the release of the new Incredibles film we thought we would watch the first to get us back into the spirit. I forgot how much I loved The Incredibles, by far my favourite character is Edna mode of course. The incredibles is another great family film filled with great action, comedy and giggles for the kids. Grab your superhero capes, eye masks and popcorn to watch an action packed film with all the family.

I hope you have enjoyed reading about what we watched this month. If you have any shows you are just raving about let us know in the comments below.

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