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Ever since Cora and I have been together we have done a lot and been to lots of places. I am quite sentimental and keep small things like cinema stubs, cards and photos. I kept them in my bedside drawer and held on to them for some reason. Cora is a minimalist and likes to keep things tidy and get rid of the clutter. She knows I wouldn’t want to throw away the small things but feels they are wasted in a box in the wardrobe. This year for Christmas she got me the best gift ever, a ticket stub organiser. This is my Just The Ticket review…

How It Works

Just The Ticket book is a ring binder folder with inserts already inside. Cora says the best thing about this book is that you can buy individual inserts to keep adding those memories to the book. It saves you buying another book and another after that. I love this concept as I love having it all in the same place and organised.

The sheets are 2 sheets to 1 side of the paper and there is a white space for the ticket stub to go. Alongside the white space, there are a number of lines ready for a small caption and date.

I love the practicality of having a space for the ticket stub and space to write a caption and date to reference back. As once I have placed some of mine on the page I plan to put it all in date order. It may not matter to anyone else but I like it to be organised.

I really enjoyed putting this together my Just The Ticket book as the layout was so simple. When I was younger I used to love scrapbooking but would forever feel disappointed afterwards as it never turned out how I wanted it to. I would always be a little mad that it wasn’t more creative or better laid out. Whereas using my ticket stub organiser I had no trouble creating a layout on the page and getting the text in too. I am not a huge fan of my own handwriting so I was tempted to get Cora to write it or even type it. But after creating a layout on the page I felt great writing it myself.

I included some other items within our ticket stub organiser like small photos that we had. We also had a badge from my first visit to Walt Disney World Orlando. Longer tickets were a little tricky as I didn’t want to fold them or cut them. So I made sure my writing was on the very top lines and laid the ticket along the bottom edge.

What I Think

The pages in the Just The Ticket book are great as each one is individual and not 1 page printed on both sides so you can easily take them out and swap around. I loved this feature as I will want to keep mine in a timeline so I like being able to move it around. Also, I like that it has a pocket at the back to store extra bits and pieces in. There are also some photos from our first holiday together that don’t fit in but don’t want to lose in our stuff, which is great to store in there.

I would absolutely recommend this to anyone looking for a simple and nice way to keep the small tokens together. It has been enjoyable putting mine together and may even add some colour to the pages or more notes. I am so excited to add more to it I am already looking for more memories to make.

This is a great gift for anyone who likes to keep tokens, travels or even likes scrapbooking. It is a wonderful gift to give and it can keep going. Single inserts can be bought online to keep adding the memories to your Just The Ticket stub organiser.

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