Leuchtturm Bullet Journal Review 1917

There is no denying that I am slightly unorganised when it comes to daily tasks and blog work. I have struggled for ages to keep on top of tasks and keep a notebook of my tasks. I worked out that a plain lined book couldn’t work while I was trying to track what I was doing, meal planning and jotting down notes. I have tried a couple of different brands and types before but nothing quite worked out. After doing some research I have seen many other people as well as bloggers using the Leuchtturm Bullet Journal. Here is my Leuchtturm Bullet Journal review…

Where To Find The Leuchtturm Bullet Journal

While I thought many stores would have produced their own bullet journal, they haven’t. We tried everywhere and in the end, Cora decided to find where we could get the official Leuchtturm Bullet Journal and get it from there. We found the Leuchtturm Bullet Journal in Rymans but you can also get the Leuchtturm Bullet Journal online for £23.02.

There is the option to get the official bullet journal which I chose or you can get the Leuchtturm 1917 a5 weekly planner and notebook. This is different from the Leuchtturm Bullet Journal as it doesn’t have a key, a guide and the expandable pocket at the back. These come in a variety of colours so that you can be a little more personal to you.

First Impressions Of The Leuchtturm Bullet Journal Review

I have been very excited to get this journal as I can be quite a messy writer. I like to have the help of lines to keep my scrawly writing from going astray. But I don’t like the restriction of only been able to write in list form and not making the most of the page.

Finding the journal in a lovely turquoise blue was lovely as it will stand out and not be mistaken for Cora’s which is black. I was impressed with the quality of the binding and the simplicity of the name on the front. I don’t often like journal and notepads to have too much writing on so this was perfect. I also like have the elastic band to keep the book together, as I like to often keep small notes this will be great to stop them dropping off.

The Leuchtturm Bullet Journal Review

After taking off the clear wrapper the journal is partially covered in the paper sleeve in which details of the journal are on. Looking through the pages there is a key index to show ways in which you can categorise your to-do list. It shows different uses of markers for tasks, scheduled and completed, making it a great key to getting you started.

I also really like the name and contact section on the second page. Though I don’t even plan to be without my journal from now on it is nice to have it there.

I really quite like the tips page, this gives you a couple of tips to help you get started. There is a lot of different ways you can structure the Leuchtturm Bullet Journal but remember do what works for you. I will touch more on this later on. The tips direct you to the back of the journal and towards youtube videos to help you get started.

If you are like me and have already done your research you won’t need it, but it is great to have it in the back ready. Even better when you are showing it off to your friends and they want to check it out.

There are 4 index pages, though I am not always sure what to use them for, it is handy to have them. I may use it to store contacts and emails, small personal details or birthday reminders (as I always forget). After the index pages come 4 future log pages. When reading at the back the future logs pages are used to create a block calendar, future projects that aren’t relevant just yet or for things you want to get done but don’t need a time stamp.

The future log pages can hold things like paint the living room or try a recipe a friend had recommended. Things you want to do in the future but not necessarily things that are of importance. I like the idea of these pages as they are practical as I had planned to learn to knit this year, this is something I am going to note down in my future log. But it doesn’t need to be logged for a certain day or time.

Getting Started With The Leuchtturm Bullet Journal

So many times I have started something got way too excited and jump in and don’t think about what I actually want from the project. I rush ahead and end up feeling defeated and deflated because it wasn’t working how I thought. Since there is such a buzz around the perfect layout for bullet journals with doodle pages that should be in comic books and beautiful calligraphy, I think we need to stop and remember what we want from our journal.

I started by looking at other bloggers, Pinterest and on Leuchtturm website to find ideas and inspiration. I wanted to do as much research as I could for my Leuchtturm Bullet Journal Review. I came up with a list of things and pages I wanted to create so I could plan out my page for daily use and get in everything I wanted. I didn’t want to have to skip to several different locations within my journal or even onto my phone to keep note of things going on in my head. I wanted to be able to write down my slimming world syns for the day along with my to-do list. Here are my initial list ideas:

  • Overall Year Calendar
  • Weekly/ Monthly spending Tracker
  • Yearly Goals – Which I can incorporate into the Future Log Pages
  • Daily Pages To-Do list and goals – To help me feel motivated and on track of work.
  • Daily/ Weekly Meal Planner – Now we are in Slimming World, Meal planning is everything.
  • Mind Dump / Doodle section – For ideas that will come to me for blog posts on here and CraftySewingSew.

There are much more elaborate and extravagant bullet journals and you can easily get bogged down and downhearted when yours isn’t as Instagram worthy as you wanted. Doesn’t mean you bullet journal should mean any less to you. Yeah sure I would love to think mine is going to look amazing with cute captions and drawings of food with faces, but it won’t. I am taking the time to work out a layout and a schedule that works for me, because it is to make me more productive not get 40 likes on Instagram… though that would be nice!

My Progress

This is my first-day layout, I am looking for some coloured pens or pencils to help colour code items and boxes. But otherwise, I think I want to keep 1 day to 1 page as I want to be able to really be thorough on my to-do list and make the most of the space. The last thing I want to do is use the next page to jot something down for that day on a different page.

I haven’t quite worked out the best way to do the full week and if there are any other sections I want to add in yet but for a first time it has worked well. I left the bottom box as a brain dump area if I needed it and no doubt I will use it by the end of the day. I have really enjoyed putting together my journal and the Leuchtturm Bullet Journal Review.

If you have a Leuchtturm Bullet Journal or just another brand of Bullet Journal, let me know how you lay out your day/week. Let me know what your favourite part of your journal is and tweet me your pages for inspiration. Get in touch and tell me what you thought of my Leuchtturm Bullet Journal Review. If you like documenting your life and saving memories check out my review of my Just The Ticket Folder.

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