Leuchtturm1917 vs Moleskine Journals 2019

For the past year both myself and Cora have been using a journal/planner. Not only to help us note down important dates but to plan our days, weeks and tasks ahead. Both I and Cora are very different in the way we work and the way we like to set out our journals. Cora really likes to have everything as digital as possible but found using a daily planner really helped. I like to be able to scribble onto paper but not always as uni-formed as lined pages. I am here to tell you why we both benefit from using the Leuchtturm1917 vs Moleskine Journals…

Leuchttrum1917 Bullet Journal

I did some research last year on different journals and what I would like. I had seen a couple of bloggers boasting about bullet journals and how they were flexible and easy to use. For my birthday in January we picked one up and some nice pens to go with it, it cost £19.95 from Ryman and I was so excited. Little did I know that this journal was going to make me feel more organised, in control and prepared for the rest of the year.

So when Cora mentioned about getting a new journal ready for the new year I didn’t hesitate. I knew exactly the one I wanted and even knew what I wanted from a journal. My first journal I did lots of research about what I wanted it to look like and how I wanted to create amazing drawings inside, (FYI I am not a strong drawer). So soon enough I got down as it didn’t look like those on Instagram and Pinterest.

After a while, I just started using my journal to make a list of simple things like what I wanted to get done that day, meal plan and notes section. It slowly became my place to note down things I had spent money on, what I achieved in my day and meal plan ideas. I didn’t use fancy pens and didn’t do artist style calligraphy for everything, it was my box standard scrawly writing. This to me was a reality, I didn’t have an hour a day to spare to make it look beautiful and model worthy. My main purpose of the journal was to make me more productive and when I stopped decorating it, it worked.

Going forward over the Christmas period I plan to set out my journal for each month. I wanted to be able to skip forward one month and note in dates for holiday etc. So I plan to take the time to plan our my journal with a page to every day of the year and have the day, date and month as a title. I did my research again to work out exactly what I wanted from my journal and they were:

  • A beginning page to every month with as a nice cover page.
  • A double page spread to create into a calendar for dates, plans etc.
  • A separate page to each day of the month to note down anything I want. ( I wanted to give myself a full page each day as I like to note down blog post ideas, things I need to remember and just ideas that come to me)

Moleskine Daily Planner

While I was getting my bullet journal Cora decided to get a Moleskine Daily Planner. Moleskine has many different planners available. Cora really still wanted to be able to have a page to each day to plan her day and more. Though she has tried to use an online version of a planner, nothing would work better than a paper journal.

She originally picked the Moleskine daily planner as a trial to see how it would work out. We needed to have something to help keep us organised about our travels, blog posts and dates. The things Cora really likes the simple design of the planner. Her favourite parts are that you get a whole page to each day, the day is set out in time slots and a year overview split up into months. The time slots were key as she wanted to fit plenty into the day and manage her time well. The year calendar at the front was useful for when we were planning our trips away and when we had events on.

Cora liked it that much she bought another one for the upcoming year, the great thing is that everything is already set out. The dates, days, months and times are all the page so all you have to do is get writing down your plans. The only thing Cora looked to change is the size of the journal, it is roughly an A5 size journal and looked at getting one closer to A4 size. Unfortunately, Moleskine don’t do A4 size in the daily planners.

Leuchtturm1917 Vs Moleskine

So you are probably reading this to work out which journal is for you? In truth maybe neither but I have some helpful tips to help you work out what you want from a journal to help you find one. Things you might want to consider are why are you getting a journal? To help make your day more productive? To schedule events and plans? Or to document something like weight loss/gain, how many times you have been to the gym or recipes you have tried this week. There are so many things you can document in a journal because it is after all personal to you.

Something To Consider…

For me personally, I think more creative people will enjoy the Leuchtturm1917 Bullet journal as it is a little more free in form. The dots give a rough guide to lines but they aren’t actually there, it gives a much more free space to work with. So if you want to have space for a meal plan, to do list and what events you have on that week you can do. I don’t like to be restricted to having the page to do what I like is great for me. One day I will use it to plan my day the next day I will plan my posts.

Honestly, I think more business-minded people or people who don’t want anything too fussy or complicated would go for the Moleskine weekly/daily planner. Cora really enjoys the simplicity of the daily planner and makes planning her day easier. She has everything she needs in that journal and that is great if she needs to plan an event 3 months in advance she can. I think the time slots are great for productivity because you can schedule to have an hour on one thing and then move on. It can make people work faster and more efficient working on a time schedule.

When it comes to Leuchtturm1917 vs Moleskine, I really don’t think there is a better one. Both are great quality products that are made to last. Neither of us has had any trouble with ours, complained or even felt that the journal wasn’t worth the money. I think that it is a personal choice that only you can make, each is great but for different types of people.

I would love to know what you think and what journal you use. Are you struggling with just using a regular notebook or not sure whether to invest in a better quality journal. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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