We were sent a LOL DOLL Surprise Confetti POP in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts, opinions and photographs are our own. 

To say LOL Dolls have taken the world by storm is an understatement. We have seen the rise of LOL Dolls and the evolution of the pets, little sisters and now we have LOL surprise.

This is the LOL Dolls Confetti Pop. If you’re a bit of a collecting nerd like we are then you can learn more about the first LOL dolls series here.

This series of Confetti Pop is no different from the other series. But this series, of course, has an added surprise. The layers are different to get into but are still fun to do, there is still the zip to start the process.

There is still the smaller parts to unravel such as the pieces of paper with the clues on and a tattoo. Once you have unravelled the first few layers of the wrapper you will unveil the ball. The ball has a sticker on the top showing you where to start.

The top of the ball is split into 4/5 sections covered with hinge pieces. The flaps open to reveal different parts of the LOL Doll. The best part is even after opening the flaps the parts are still kept in bags. The bags each hold accessories and surprises for the dolls.

While the previous series gave 7 accessories that included shoes, outfit, bottle, accessories such as a necklace or headband. This series boasts nine parts – the doll, shoes, accessories, outfit, bottle, ring tattoo, 2 stickers and the confetti pop. While Bella struggled with the wrapping on the outer layer and the bags, she didn’t struggle on the rest.

After opening the 4 hinged parts at the top there will be a ribbon with a zip printed on it. Once each compartment is open and the bags have been emptied pull on the ribbon to reveal the surprise and doll. If your kids are a little younger than the advised 6 years they may need a little help. Bella managed it on her own and definitely gave us a surprise.

Everything that comes with your dolls fits into the ball that comes with it. Then you can carry it around using its handle.

And don’t forget if you’re looking for a slightly more budget-friendly alternative to the LOL Dolls then you can the LOL Doll Lil’ Sisters. They are available with an RRP of £4.99 and have all the same features of a traditional LOL Doll except they are in a smaller (baby) format. Check out this review of LOL Doll Lil’ Sisters to learn more.

As always we’d love to know what you think of our LOL Doll review. If you have a LOL doll or have a fan of LOL dolls in your household let us know in the comments below.

LOL Doll Series 2 can be purchased from major retailers including Tesco, Asda, Smyths, Toys R Us and Amazon while stocks last.

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