How To Make 20 Minute Glasses Case

This is a simple and quick tutorial anyone can do and such a practical project.

I am very excited as this year we have a lot of trips and getaways planned. One of those is the epic trip we are taking to Orlando Florida. This trip Cora won on the Monopoly Board game last year, it was the best thing we have ever won and such an unexpected surprise.

If you want to check out the video to see my reaction, check the video at the bottom of the page. It was such an amazing feeling and so to go with a new holiday I needed new sunglasses of course! My last sunglasses were from Primark and fell off my head and were pretty useless and the case was way too bulky. So here is my take on a sleek, easy to make glasses case pattern

Equipment And Materials

  • Tape Measure
  • Pins
  • Thread – I recently found a 1000m polyester white thread for £1.20 in Dunelm Mill.
  • Sewing Machine
  • Fabric Scissors
  • Fabric – You can use fat quarters and have plenty left over for your next project.
  • Wadding/ Batting– I usually get mine from HobbyCraft, though can seem more expensive you can shop for different thicknesses and some come prepackaged which are easy to grab and go.


I would recommend using your own sunglasses as a template to ensure they will fit. My new sunglasses are a slimmer frame than my last pair. Make sure you can fold the fabric in half with the glasses in the middle to ensure that they will fit and be comfortable. I made my square 9 inches by 8 inches to create my glasses case pattern.

Cut this square into your three materials, your outer fabric, inner fabric, and the wadding. Lay together the wadding onto the wrong side of your outer fabric. Move onto pinning together the right sides of the inner fabric and outer fabric together.

Draw on a curve using a cup or roll of tape on both bottom corners. Sew the 3 layers together leaving the top edge open.

Cut into the seam allowance to create notches and get rid of any bulk. Turn through and press the seams so they are nice and flat.

Fold the seam allowance on the top in, this will create a nice crisp edge. Pin into place and top stitch on the edge to hold in place. Take out all the pins and press the glasses case pattern again.

Fold in half with your chosen outer fabric on the outside. Pin together to hold in place, sew around the edge on the edge to hold in place.

Now you are done! Pop in your glasses in your new glasses case pattern and go.

Let me know in the comments where you are going this year and what goodies you have made in preparation. Would love to hear some of your crafty travel hacks. Let me know if you have made a glasses case before and let me know what glasses case pattern you used.

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