March 2018 – What We Watched This Month

With the return on some of our most loved series and excitedly the return of some of our newer series for a second series, we had plenty to watch. While we had a couple of days of snow too to add to the mix we managed to spend some time with Frankie and Bella and catch up on our films. We discovered some new gems this month to add to our watched list hoping for a second series.

The Adults

The Walking Dead

If you are also a fan of The Walking Dead you may have similar feelings to us… we are done with The walking dead, the last episode we watched we actually skipped most of it because we really think has gone downhill. We don’t think the show is really worth watching anymore as the continuity and story are even following on anymore.

The Marvelous Mrs Maisel

From the writer of Gilmore Girls comes The Marvelous Mrs Maisel. A young woman, unfortunately, goes through a tough time and find comedy on the way. This like Gilmore Girls is fast-talking, humorous and witty, which for me is a great combination. One of my favourite parts is that it is set in the late fifties, with a Jewish girl in New York. This is light humour and is lovely to watch for a wind down on an evening. I would definitely recommend checking it out on Amazon.

The People vs OJ Simpson

This is a series of hour-long episodes of the story of the OJ Simpson trial back in 1994. Cora actually binged on this while I was away for the weekend and when I came back she said I had to watch it. It is very interesting to watch even if you aren’t familiar with the case/story. I wasn’t and still really enjoyed watching the case come together. There are some familiar faces in terms of actors and some familiar names within the case. I was fascinated with the series and think it is worth watching just to see some of the drama and humour portrayed in the story.

The Teens

Girls Incarcerated – Netflix

This is a Netflix original and we really enjoyed it, it is following the lives of a few chosen young girls that are in a young offender’s correctional facility in the USA. The series shows the lives of the girls, their rehabilitation and life after. The series is quite interesting to follow especially if you are interested in similar shows.

The Kids


Ferdinand, of course, is the new film by BlueSky Productions. It is the story of the bull that is destined to be an angry heartless bull in the ring. But luckily escapes the farm and finds a happy home with a family of florists. With funny lines for the adults and plenty of singing and dancing for the kids, it is such a good family film. It is very light humour, light entertainment and just fun for everyone to watch.


Coco is the new Disney film about Miguel who dreams to be a musician like his Idol. His family on the other hand, have an age-old ban on music as they believe it to be cursed. In his quest to prove his talent to everyone he ends up in the colourful and enchanting world of the Land of the Dead. I absolutely loved this as I have often loved the day of the dead. The film is heartwarming and adventurous and full of fun for everyone. Bella and Frankie absolutely love it and could watch it over and over again, Bella now sings the songs while Frankie prefers to dance. It is a heartwarming film and very well done to Disney for another innovative film.

As always, we’d love to know what you’ve been watching this month in the comments below… We might even watch something you recommend and feature it in next months segment.

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