May 2018 – What We Watched This Month

We actually have spent quite a bit of our time away doing everything from weddings to holidaying so we have watched nothing too new this month. Though we always have some great things to share with you. We keep updated with what the kids have been watching too so we can give your little ones something new to watch.

The Adults

Westworld Series 2

While we are only 3 episodes in I can easily say this has been one of the best things we have watched this month. We were blown away by Westworld the first time so getting a new series has been something to look forward to. Though still as twisted and complicated you can’t help but be enthralled with the story and characters. With a stunning performance from Thandie Newton and Jeffrey Wright, you can’t help but want more.

Deadpool 2

We are never people for going to see a film as soon as it comes out, mostly we don’t like the crowds but this was a change for us. We decided to use our Meerkat Movies code and book ourselves to go see the new Deadpool movie. We enjoyed the first one so much as neither of us are massive Marvel fans, but this is a whole different kind of superhero film.

Deadpool is great as it makes fun of the other ‘superheroes’ and the Marvel franchise. There is plenty of witty one-liners and funny comments, not forgetting the plenty of gross scenes and action. Deadpool is great to watch and bound to make anyone laugh.

Avicii Documentary

We watched this on an evening resting our legs after a busy day and wow it really struck me. We were so shocked to see the life Tim (Avicii) led. From beginning to end we were blown away by the story of his life from beginning to the unfortunate end. It really shed a light on how much artists put themselves through and why they do it, it was amazing to see such amazing talents speak of him so fondly and highly.

If you were ever a fan or just like one or two of his songs I would recommend watching this as it really highlights so much within the industry. I won’t lie, this isn’t a happy story and it can be hard to watch as you are watching someone with such talent struggle with so many different issues.

The Teens


We have just wrapped up watching the second series to Riverdale. We really enjoyed the first series so it is no surprise that we enjoyed the second. There were some interesting twists (giving nothing away, no spoilers). I really enjoyed the development of some of the characters and do wish I saw more of Cheryl as she’s my favourite.

Riverdale is a great easy watch with interesting twists and great characters. I would recommend having this ready on Netflix with a pizza and PJs on.

The Kissing Booth

One night while we were in Amsterdam I decided to sit and watch a film on Netflix and this was recommended. It wasn’t Cora’s kind of film as it was a little young and cheesy but was good. It was easy to watch, I might have enjoyed it more back in my teen years. I must be too old now but the film had a good story behind it and was heartwarming and funny.

The story follows Elle and her best friend Lee and his older brother through a change in age, life and relationships.

The Kids

Despicable Me 3

Matilda, as you may have guessed by now, is one of our film buffs. She is a complete film lover and can watch them over and over again. One of her latest trends is Despicable Me 3, she is besotted with the minions. As she isn’t quite talking to us much yet we call her our little minion. If you have your own minion at home these films are great to watch. The films are family friendly with plenty of jokes to make everyone laugh. It also includes some heartwarming moments for those softies watching.

As always, we’d love to know what you’ve been watching this month in the comments below… We might even watch something you recommend and feature it in next months segment.

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