My Little World Review: Kids Portable Craft Playsets

My Little World was created by two school friends, Richard and Tim. Both parents the two friends we’re looking at ways they could encourage their children to be creative while reducing screentime – as a result, My Little World was born.

My Little World combines creativity and imagination from the moment the box is unwrapped. Each box is designed to allow the child to colour in the pictures, and use their imagination to create playable scenes and scenarios.

Each box contains everything you need to get started (except the scissors) making this a great compact activity to take on holiday.

There are multiple different worlds to choose from online in the My Little World store. Our personal favourites are; The Airport, Space Station and Christmas.

There are currently six sets to choose from, each set retails for just £4.99 with an additional flat rate of £1.20 postage (regardless of how many sets you purchase)

Get My Little World Sets for just £3.67 each using the code HARRISON

Frankie is a bit of a perfectionist at the moment, so despite enjoying the creativity of colouring he quickly became frustrated every time he accidentally went outside the lines.

Bella, on the other hand, has an incredible imagination and quickly began creating scenarios even while colouring in.

The Space Station and The Airport worked really well as a combination between the two allowing them to create a mega playset.

There are a number of colouring sheets to choose from and in hignsight, I think we might have overwhelmed the kids by giving them all of them at once.

In the future, I’d recommend just taking out one or two models and one sheet of characters to allow them to complete the colouring quicker and begin playing with the scene.

Helen and I helped to cut out the characters and scenes so they were available to play with. Okay, we might have become slightly jealous and done some of the colourings too 😉

In conclusion, we think at just £4.99 (or even less with our discount code) the My Little World kits are fantastic. They are a great little gift for a child, stocking filler or piece of entertainment that we found first hand provides hours of creativity and fun!

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