October 2018 – What We Watched This Month

With the start of October came the decline of the weather and of course those early dark nights creeping in. One of the best times of year to watch all your favourite scary movies and really get into the cosy season. Helen loves this time of year as the trees turn a beautiful red and orange and Starbucks hot chocolate tastes all that much better. This month it feels we haven’t had 2 minutes to properly sit and watch much but here is what The Harrison Household have watched this month…


Great British Bake Off

October saw the end of the Great British Bake Off with Rahul Mandal being crowned the winner. Something myself and other fans of the show found to be a little surprising, but still!

That’s the Great British Bake Off over for another year – does anyone else feel as though it comes around quicker every year?

Philippines Music

Lately though it isn’t so much watching but listening we have discovered singers from the Phillippines. We have been watching different artists perform covers of both English and Filipino music. We were amazed to see that there were these amazing artists that we had never heard of. We ended up searching through so many different artists, covers etc and still haven’t see it all. But if your into finding new artists, covers of your favourite songs then definitely check out the Fillipino artists.


Hocus Pocus

October means one thing only Halloween. And what better way to get into the spirit of the spookiest time of year than with the Disney classic Hocus Pocus. Hocus Pocus is a classic film that anyone and everyone should watch at any time in October. The film though may seem a little old now is fantastic and nostalgic to anyone over the age of 20.

Yet to be available on any streaming services we were relieved that we had a copy on DVD stored away at the back of the cupboard.


Riverdale launched for a third season this month. Based on the popular Archie comics this season we’re set to see the result of Archie’s arrest during the season 2 finale, not to mention the development of Betty’s family post her father being arrested having been found as the Black Hood.

Shane Dawson – Mind Of Jake Paul

This isn’t quite a TV show, far from it but anyone who watched anything on Youtube will know this is the in thing right now. We have never previously watched any of Shane Dawsons videos on Youtube. We knew quite a bit of Jake Paul and honestly, we were so intrigued to watch this 8 part series to see what all the hype was about. Currently, we have seen up to part 6 and it has been amazing, the series and content is getting better every episode. Shane has the most animated expressions which add humour to the story and the editing is fantastic.


Arthur Christmas

I know, I know it’s only October but trust me the second those clocks go back Helen and I get in full Christmas mode and what better way to get ready for Santa than with a great movie.

Arthur Christmas is a great hit but we can’t help feel as though it’ll be overshadowed with the premier of The Grinch in just a couple of days! The film is an animated journey of the family who occupies and become Santa every generation. It is light, easy to watch, family friendly and definitely a feel-good film to watch.

Pooh’s Heffalump Movie

This is all my niece, she is a movie buff through and through. Heffalump is a fun, cheerful animated film perfect for a family film night. While Winnie The Pooh and friends are classic characters, Heffalump is a much loved new development and is a favourite among children.

Hope you have enjoyed this month ‘What We Watched’. If you have any recommendations leave us a comment and we will be sure to get back to you. If you have anything we could recommend for the kids to watch we would love to hear what your little ones love.

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