Our 2018 Bucket List – Update #1

Back at the start of the year (which was now four months ago… SERIOUSLY!!), we sat down together to come up with a bucket list of things we’d like to achieve in 2018.

We tried to come up with a variety of things that would enhance our life together over the course of 12 months, and as with all goals, it’s important you reflect on them often. Which is why, today, a third of the way through the year we’re doing our first update.

Go Away Once A Month

We were determined to go away at least once a month this month and so far… so good! Well, except for March when only Helen went away on a Hen Do to Centre Parcs… Otherwise, we’ve only June to plan to achieve going away at least once a month during the second quarter of the year – and as a bonus, by then we should have also arranged our trip to Paris in November with a flight I won via a Pringle’s competition.

January: London for 2 nights for Niall / Helens birthday

February: Thailand

March: Helen, Hen Do!

April: Orlando, Florida + Iceland

May: BlogOn Blogging Conference in Manchester, Wedding in Wales & Traverse in Rotterdam


July: Los Angeles for 2 weeks

August: Fuertoventura, Barcelona and Rome for 2 nights (flights to Japan from here)

September: Japan for one month




Learn To Knit

I really haven’t given myself any time or a structure to start. I haven’t done any research to know where to start. With us spending much of our time travelling, working hard on the blogs or reselling I haven’t had much chance to get started.

Hopefully, that’s something that can change moving forward further into 2018…

Indoor Skydiving

This is still something we’re yet to arrange in 2018…

Go On A Cruise

Still an absolute essential is a cruise trip… and with that gap in June, I’m beginning to think I know when we could go…

Watch Top 100 Movies

At the start of the year, we had seen 10 of these 100 movies… As of today, we’ve seen… 11.

We watched 12 years a slave and it was AMAZING. Seriously, if you’ve not seen that film you need to!

If you want to keep up with the other things we and the rest of the family have been watching check out our monthly report here…

Go Swimming Once A Week

An absolute fail. Even in Thailand we didn’t get a hotel with a pool, let alone go swimming in the UK…

Publish 365 Quality Posts On The Harrison Household

To this date, we’ve published just 44 posts. Over the 119 days that’s a little short of 1 every 3 days, and means we need to not only post one a day for the foreseeable future but also catch up on the 75 posts we’re yet to complete.

Of course, quality is more important than quantity here and neither of us are in any way put off by not meeting this goal should we be unhappy with the quality of any of the articles we put out. This goal is simply to motivate us to find the time to write here.

Enter Competitions

After publishing our bucket list for 2018, we sat down and had a look at what we would most like to win from competitions during 2018.

There are some amazing things on this list, some of which we’ve had the pleasure of winning this year, including; £1,000 Centre Parcs Voucher. We’re also going to be working with Buy A Gift in the coming months for a trip to Go Ape so that too isn’t something we’re looking to win anymore.

Hopefully, we’ll be able to win a couple more items from this list before the year is through.

Average 10,000 Steps A Day

Unfortunately, we’re at less than half of the number of steps we’d like to average so far this year. However, hopefully, we’ll be doing more walking in the summer months which will, in turn, increase our average.

In conclusion, we’ve not focused and implemented as many of these bucket list items as I would like. Hopefully, that’s going to change over the summer and we can begin to achieve more from our list.

As always we’d love to know if you have any things you’d like to achieve for 2018 and how you’re doing with your list – hopefully, better than us!

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