Our 2018 Bucket List – Update #2

At the start of the year, we set ourself a bucket list. A list of things we’d like to achieve over the course of the year. In most cases, this list was for enjoyment’s sake. Fun things we’ve wanted to do that we’ve been putting off (no time, no money etc.)

We’ve chosen to update this list every 4 months, and today is the second update. You can read the first here.

I’ve crossed off the things that we’re actually managing to achieve and maintain, the rest, unfortunately, are yet to be achieved. With four months left, can we do it?

Go Away Once A Month

I’m writing this from Japan, so I guess that’s September done right?

We’ve nothing planned for October yet, but we’re away a couple of times in November – including a trip to Disneyland Paris. December is probably going to be the most difficult, however, Helen mentioned going to our first German Market in Germany so maybe a weekend in Germany is on the cards?

Learn To Knit

Helen admits that she’s made no attempt to complete this so far this year, and thinks it’s unlikely she will…

Go Indoor Skydiving

Still, something I’d really like to do, and still something that could be achieved. There’s plenty of indoor skydiving locations close to us so I’m going to write on my to-do list to check out how much this costs, what it involves and how far in advance we need to book.

Go On A Cruise

Since getting engaged earlier this year, money has been really tight so this is something that’s well and truly been put on the backburner.

Watch Top 100 Movies

We’ve watched lots and lots of different things this year. Unfortunately, not many films are from the top 100 movies list…

Go Swimming Once A Week

Who were you kidding with this Cora, really?

I suppose in our defence, we did do some swimming when we went on a family holiday to Fuerteventura in August.

Publish 365 Posts On THH

Unless we’re planning on posting around 7 articles a day between now and the end of the year then it’s unlikely we’re going to complete this one.

However, maybe that’s not a bad thing… I mean the number of articles doesn’t equal the amount we’re enjoying creating this blog.

Enter Competitions

We’ve been successfully¬†entering competitions intermittently throughout the year, and have since returned around ¬£2,000 in prizes.

The Harrison Household - 2018 Bucketlist

Average 10,000 Steps A Day

Being in Japan for the last two weeks has really increased my average.¬†I’ve been walking anything from 8,000 – 17,000 steps a day while here.

I don’t think that’s going to be quite enough to get me to a 10,000 average however, I’ve promised myself an Apple watch if I do manage to reach my target so let’s hope that’s the motivation I need.

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