Our Christmas Traditions

The days are passing by and we are getting closer to the big day. I adore Christmas, I love the weather, the special hot chocolates and just doing things together. We have recently found a new series to watch and so far it has blown us away. One thing that is an ongoing theme for me is family traditions, not just at Christmas time but at all other occasions.

So I wanted to share some of our Christmas traditions from when I was a kid to traditions I have with Cora now.

Christmas Films

This was a tradition I had with my dad and still try and do from time to time. My dad and I liked going to the cinema, but no one else in the house did. So we always went together even if there was a film I wasn’t a fan of I would go see it with him.

This also applied to Christmas, we both love the Bing Crosby film ‘ A White Christmas’ so we would watch that together. Dads favourite though were ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’, not my first choice but I would watch it with him as no one else would.

Advent Calenders

Much like that meme going around that states ‘ Is your mum even your mum if she doesn’t buy you an advent calendar?’ My mum hasn’t bought me one but Cora’s mum bought us each one, she spoils me too much. She even lets us pick one, which is dangerous. Last year we got the red Lindt calender, this year we got the grade down but still beautiful.

Wrapping Presents

I loved wrapping presents though I am terrible at it and would have happily done everyone’s in the house. We would get everything out, usually, we forgot the sellotape and had to hunt for more and we would put on Christmas music. It would be a big secret and no one would be allowed in the room until the presents were wrapped and under the tree.

I now wrap mine to Cora, ours to my family and help Cora’s mum Joy wrap her presents to anyone and everyone. We also like to get a little something from time to time from the cats to Cora and her parents for being such great Grandparents.


Christmas Eve

Up until I left home I wouldn’t let my parents bring down the presents from ‘Santa’ until I had gone to bed. The one year they did it,  I was heartbroken and the magic of Christmas day was ruined. We would watch TV together and eat whatever food we could that wasn’t for Christmas day or Boxing day family party. Once we all went to bed, mum and dad would bring down the gifts and put them under the tree.

We also got a stocking that was usually filled with small items such as silly pants, Christmas socks and chocolates. We also got in there small pound toys which turned to make up brushes when we all got older. This was usually put on the end of our bed by ‘ Santa’ but I got scared one year and asked for it leaving outside my door.

Christmas Day

Christmas day was epic, I loved it. We would wake up at 6 am or one of us would wake everyone else up. We would bring our stockings into our parents’ bedroom while they had a cup of tea or coffee for my dad. We would gather together and then dad was the one to lead us into the living room.

We would each pick a spot to sit in, dad sat by the TV next to the tree, as he was the gift giver outer. Mum would sit on the sofa with one of us and we would each be given a present to open at a time. It was a slow process compared to some households I am sure. Dad always wanted to make the experience and day last as long as he could make it.

Once presents were opened, usually containing a new set of PJ’s from mum and dad. We would get up and tidy the mess of the living room and get dressed in our new PJ’s and when we got older our new clothes. We would often leave dad to prepare dinner and we would watch tv or play with our toys. In the evening after dinner, we would eat ourselves to death with chocolates and cheese on crackers.

When Cora was younger they would often go away in December and for 5 or so years running, they would arrive back in the UK on Christmas day.

Christmas With Cora

Christmas has changed a lot when meeting Cora, I wanted to spend time with my family, her family and of course her. For the first 2 years, we rushed around to get to everyone and make sure we saw everyone and no one was left out. The past 2 years have been a much more relaxed affair, taking our time to get up and enjoying time together in our own home.

This year will be a little different as we are living with Cora’s parents but I am looking forward to being here with them and having a Harrison Christmas. The past 2 years we have got a Christmas tree and decorated it for her parents and spent Christmas dinner with them as there is less of them. We enjoy going to see my nieces and nephew to give them their presents and see what Santa brought them.

Boxing Day

We always have a family party for my dad’s side of the family. There is always a quiz, my dad of course been the quizmaster, and the family would be split into teams to compete against each other. Throughout the years this quiz has always been difficult and with the mix of alcohol has always been quite intense.

There would be a table full of food, a shed full of beer and drinks and games to play. The kids went from playing with their toys from Christmas day to joining in with the quiz. My cousin William would be in control of the camcorder and me and my younger cousin Pippa would sing.

We still go to this every year and it is generally the same every year. We join in with the quiz which is still hard even now and we play games with the younger ones.

These are just some of our traditions and I am sure there will be more to come from us for next Christmas. I would love to know if you have any special traditions that you do or you used to do when you were younger in the comments below.

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