How To Make Padded Floor Cushions For Kids

This is super quick and super fun to make and display.

As you may have seen I am still on a mission to transform my niece’s wendy house. Her birthday is coming up in June and I am keen to get everything ready for her party. She has a friend over the road and her cousin that often come round to play and often cause chaos in the garden.

They like to sit on the grass and play with their dolls. So to save mum having to wash grass stained clothes I have made these adorable kids floor cushions. They are simple and light so the girls can pick them up and move them along with them to wherever they want to play.

Equipment And Materials


Creating The Size

When thinking about the size, you want to think about who is going to sit on it. I measured across my bottom to determine the size I wanted to create. I wanted these to be useful for an adult as well as children.

I came up with 17 inches, this was roughly a radius of my bottom and gives plenty of room for those little bottoms. If you have anything rounded that you like the size of then use that as a template.

Marking Out The Circle

Double up your fabric as you will need 2 layers a front and a back. I started by measuring from the top down 17 inches and left a small mark. I then did the same from the edge of the fabric inwards 17 inches and left a mark with my chalk pen.

Using the tape measure I found a middle point in which the 2 lines cross. This will become the centre of your circle. Measure out and around from that centre point 17 inches and mark with your chalk pen. This will create the circle for the kids floor cushions.

Cutting Out

Make sure you have a pin holding the 2 layers of fabric together in case they slip. Cut out your circle and you can use this as a template for any more kids floor cushions you make.

Sewing On The Decoration

When working with a circle you will need to remember that you need to create ease in the decoration so when you turn your kids floor cushion the right way the decoration lays flat.

When pinning on the decoration create small folds or ripples to alleviate the pull when turned through. Sew the decoration into place before adding the other layer of fabric. Remember to pin your decoration on the right side of the fabric with the edge lining up to the fabric edge.

Sewing Together

Take all sewing pins out and lay the second layer right sides together and pin into place. Sew with a 1/4 inch seam allowance. Leave open a gap to turn through, I marked mine with double pins.

Take all pins out and cut down the excess fabric and cut into the seam allowance so the fabric can lay flat. (If you don’t know what I mean by ‘cut into’ check out this post to help understand sewing terminology). Turn through and press the seams until crisp and neat on your kids floor cushions.

Stuffing And Sewing Up

To stuff the kids floor cushions I used and old pillow or you can buy stuffing from Amazon for £5.99 for 250g or Hobbycraft for £3.50 for 250g. Those are just 2 places you can get the filling that’st thats an example of what you could pay. Stuff the kids floor cushions through the gap, you can stuff it as much as you want.

I left mine quite light and not too full as I didn’t want them to be too high to sit on. Fold in the remaining seam allowance within the gap and pin together. Sew shut with a slip stitch and place a button in the centre and sew into place.

These are the finished kids’ floor cushions. Please comment below with your own designs and any gorgeous trimmings you have used! 🙂 Let me know if you have made anything similar before and what you use.

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