Can You Quilt With A Domestic Sewing Machine?

There is no denying that when I started on my quest to make a quilt, I was quite unprepared and knew very little. Within the past coupleĀ of weeks, I have been doing as much research as I can on whether or not I can actually quilt using my domestic sewing machine. I won’t lie, I[Read more]

Find Me A Review

As it is getting nearer and nearer to Mother’s day and Father’s day we have been looking for that unique gift to give this year. With our ideas all gone and used on Christmas we were feeling a little in need of inspiration. That was when Find Me A got in touch and saved[Read more]

Beginners Guide To Quilting – Essential Tools And Supplies

I have been in awe for years of the amazing people that create such wonderful quilts and patchwork designs. It is something that has astounded me for years and having dabbled in it a few times and not been overly successful with my final products, I decided to learn more. This year so far I[Read more]

how to make sugar cookies

How To Make Magical Mickey Mouse Sugar Cookies

Forever trying to think of new and easy ways to make the kids’ food look interesting at parties? Can’t afford to get cakes made specially or splash out on a tonne of buns and cupcakes from the supermarket? Try this recipe and quick technique to get magical looking Mickey Mouse cookies in quick time. This[Read more]

Puff Pastry Pizza Recipe

How To Make An Onion And Mushroom Puff Pastry Pizza

I love ready rolled pastry, I think for those quick meal preps or those like me who don’t know how to make their own pastry just yet it is a great item to have in the house. For us it is quick a luxury and doesn’t happen often, we live quite frugal lives and don’t[Read more]

5 Amazing World Book Day Costume Ideas

Though I am not a parent yet and so don’t have the worry of finding a costume for World Book Day. I used to spend ages as a kid deciding and changing my outfit idea and know the pressure. You always wanted to be cool and different. Coming from a kid that always wanted to[Read more]

The Cruise review

January 2018 – What We Watched This Month

January said to be the longest month and one of the most miserable. Not to me, January is the time your favourite shows come back from winter break and you can see the launch of new shows. It can be a very exciting time for TV binging and I am here to tell you what[Read more]

How to Make Gingerbread Crumb Apple Crumble

How To Make Gingerbread Crumb Apple Crumble

As a child I baked quite often with my Grandma, she made everything from cake to trifle. She taught me many things but one of my favourite things was a fruit crumble. I loved the simplicity of the dish and the fullness of the flavour. It was a favourite of mine to eat with a[Read more]

Rustlers Southern Fried Chicken Burger Review

Rustlers Burger Hacking Challenge

My sister got lucky with my nephew Frankie, his favourite things to eat are fruit, veg and salad. A parent’s dream right? Though while he eats all the fruit he can get his hands on, he lacks on protein from meat. No matter what she tried he would only eat little amounts of meat. This[Read more]