How To Make a Summer Dress Without A Pattern

I haven’t owned a dress for quite some time, I grew out of wearing girly dresses and decided I was a more T-shirt and shorts kind of person. I had one dress that I kept in my wardrobe for interviews and more formal occasions but it got too big and had to throw it out.[Read more]

How To Make A Fabric Birthday Crown/Tiara

Even though I have no children of my own I love my nephew and nieces. They are the most wonderful little people, I am often making one thing or another for them. I love spoiling them with treats and goodies that only I can make for them. It must get hard to create new ways[Read more]

How To Make A Simple Drawstring Bag

I am a lover of anything cute and handy, from wicker baskets to small bags I love it all. My house would be full if it was up to me. I love the look of keeping secret little chocolates hidden in a little drawstring bag that only I know about or keeping all my sewing[Read more]

How To Make Pyjama Bottoms

Do you get fed up of buying pyjama bottoms and once they have gone and need to be retired you can no longer find that style you like? This happens to me, I am fussy when it comes to sleepwear and like to have room in my clothes but not so much they are wrapped[Read more]

How To Make a Quick and Easy Pom Pom

This tutorial is simple and easy, it is also very quick, you can adjust the pom-pom to be thicker if you want more volume and this will just mean a little longer on time to make. Let’s get started. Equipment you will need: Cardboard Scissors- preferably small if you have some- I have these as[Read more]

How To Make a Coin Purse In 1 Hour.

This tutorial is great to whip up a little something in one hour, I used this pattern to make all different styles and animals and works well as a little coin purse, add a strap to the sides to create a small bag for yourself or a child or even make it larger to make[Read more]