Schleich’s Expanding World Of Eldrador

Schleich has recently expanded its world of Edlrador with two new characters; Ice Griffin and Lava Scorpion. Taking the total number of characters in this world up to eighteen, you can be sure there’s a character for everyone to join in the battle. There are four worlds of Eldrador; Lava, Ice, Stone and Water. Right[Read more]

Goula – Bunny’s Garden & Robots Mix Review

Matilda is fast becoming a grown-up little girl and she is keen on learning more. Over the past year, she has improved massively with her colours, numbers and speech. We have also been adding games, shapes and puzzles to keep her interested. We were super excited to hear that Goula wanted to work with us[Read more]

Candylocks Collectable Doll – Straw Mary Review

Matilda is just about to turn 3 and has really progressed in speech, climbing, and personality. Along with her development in all the previous things she has really developed a sense of style and fashion. She loves picking out dressed to wear even when it is raining and brushing my hair. With these traits in[Read more]

Cutting The Lawn With Casmo Flymo Lawnmower Toy

Today we’re looking at the incredible toy replica of the Flymo lawnmower. Since summer started a couple of weeks ago we’ve been making progress on the chaos that is our garden, and my parents have been completely overhauling there’s after 19 years of the same design. So it’s safe to say my niece Matilda, who[Read more]

Blume Dolls Review – Growing Imagination And Fun

We have 3 kids that don’t just love to play but learn. Frankie especially loves to learn new things and understand why things happen the way they do. They all really enjoy watching unboxing’s on Youtube especially anything new. Bella and Matilda just love anything remotely cute and small, Frankie is the keen collector and[Read more]

Ultimate Meal Planning For Beginners

We have tried so many times to crack meal planning. We have tried Youtube tutorials, books, blogs, and Pinterest. You name it, we have tried it. We just kept failing, and I mean failing, we would be wasting food, not wanting to eat what we planned or forgetting to get the chicken out of the[Read more]

My Little World Review: Kids Portable Craft Playsets

My Little World was created by two school friends, Richard and Tim. Both parents the two friends we’re looking at ways they could encourage their children to be creative while reducing screentime – as a result, My Little World was born. My Little World combines creativity and imagination from the moment the box is unwrapped.[Read more]

Celebrating The Release of Toy Story 4 With Jumbo Puzzles

It’s no secret that we love all things, Disney. Without a doubt, Pixar’s Toy Story is my favourite movie franchise. I’ve grown up with Buzz, Woody, Jessie and the gang and I couldn’t wait to share their latest adventures with my nieces and nephews. We hit the cinema on the release date and viewed the[Read more]