Baby Shark Interactive Toys Review + Giveaway

It’s been twelve months since the incredible, musical masterpiece that is ‘Baby Shark’ took over the entire planet. I still vividly remember the entire family bopping around the pool to it on our summer holiday to Fuerteventura last year. Twelve months on and the song is still a huge hit at home, at parties, at[Read more]

Review: Strictly Briks Lego Compatible Baseplates

Today we’re looking at Strictly Briks, specifically the Brik Tower set which is designed to be integrated with the mainstream building block brands such as Lego at a more affordable price point. These baseplates are 6″ x 6″ which is equivalent to 20 studs by 20 studs. Lego currently doesn’t do a baseplate or regular[Read more]

Incredible Kids ‘At-Cost’ Mattresses From Warren Evans

We were recently on the hunt for a mattress for Frankie. With the majority of kids spending around 3,000 hours in bed every single year, it was important that the mattress was of high quality (something his old one was lacking, especially after all this time). However, we didn’t have a huge budget. That’s when[Read more]

Review: Chicco Red Bullet Balance Bike

Matilda is getting bigger and more grown up as we speak. She has turned from a shy muted baby into this robust assertive little girl. She has a big brother Frankie to boss around, but he has also shown her how to do things. One of these things is riding a bike, while she can’t[Read more]

Review: Hatchimals Pixies

There is no denying that kids are still hooked on the opening of toys as much as they are playing with them. Frankie and Matilda are no different, they love ripping something open before playing with the actual item itself. Hatchimals have proved to be a big hit with many ages due to the interactive[Read more]

Review: Detective Pikachu Case File

Detective Pikachu has recently been released in cinemas around the world. In this review we’re taking a look at one of the premier Pokemon card sets for the movie, the Detective Pikachu Case File. We’ve been excited for the release of the Detective Pikachu Pokemon card series since seeing a sneak peek back at the[Read more]

Review: Nintendo Labo VR Kit Toy-Con 04

There’s not been a more family friendly console than the Nintendo Switch since the release of the Nintendo Wii back in 2006. Since the Switches launch in 2017, we’ve seen an expanding range of games to educate, inspire and entertain us. However, no range of games has intrigued me quite as much like the Nintendo[Read more]

Review: Disney Emoji #ChatPack Series 1 Collectable Toys

It’s no secret that we love collecting Disney merchandise, and something we’ve had our eye on for a while now is the Disney Emoji collectables. These come in multiple different formats, but we chose to buy the #ChatPack version as it’s the best value for money and still comes with the surprise element. The Disney[Read more]

Emily Leary’s Get Your Kids To Eat Anything Book Review

Though we don’t have kids ourselves we still eat plenty of meals with the 3 small people we do know. I never realised how awkward children can be at the dinner table, especially when it comes to fussy eating. Now I remember as a child going on holiday was a challenge as all I trusted[Read more]