Tiana Pop n Shop Car Playset Reviewed

Being huge fans of Tiana the star of the popular Youtube channel, Toys and Me. Frankie was thrilled to be gifted to review one of Tiana’s new toys the Pop n Shop Car Playset. The set includes the car, Tiana doll and two Pop Bags that include accessories and stickers. You can also buy separately larger Pop bags that we’re looking to review further in the near future. The accessories that came out of the pop bags are cute but very fiddly and we struggled to apply them to the Tiana doll. The car is made entirely from plastic, it’s basic but can be decorated as you wish with different stickers.

So Slime DIY Shaker Review

Slime is the toy of 2018, and what could be more fun than discovering how to make your own? Well, thanks to the So Slime DIY Shaker for as little as £3.99 and in 3 simple steps you can. So Slime has a fantastic range of different slime products, we were sent a trio set of So Slime DIY Shakers to review. Inside each of the So Slime pots you’ll find a silver packet, open that up and you’ll find; Glitter or Confetti bag Bag of coloured slime powder Suprise figure Creating the slime couldn’t be more simple. Pour the powders into the empty pot. Fill the pot with water to the line. Shake for 30 seconds, take the lid… View Post

Detective Dot Book – Missions For The CIA

Detective Dot is set to inspire more kids to find an interest in computer science and STEM. With a new love of reading and computer games (thanks Fortnite!) Frankie was excited to check out the Detective Dot Mega Pack that was sent to him in return for this review. Detective Dot started back in 2015 when founder Sophie Deen began a Kickstarter campaign for funding for the project. In 36 days the campaign exceeded the amount set and managed to raise more than £14,000. Since then Detective Dot has gone onto be recognised as the Top Coding Toy For Kids by The Independent in 2017 and the Evening Standard in 2018. While also achieving the EDF Stem Pulse Award. If… View Post

Japanese Pokemon Cards From The Pokemon Centre, Tokyo

We’re having the best time in Japan right now. It’s been my dream to visit this country for as long as I can remember, so when some bargain flights came up last year, I knew that was my chance. Nine short months later and here we are. Spending a month in this crazy, crazy country. We’ve based ourselves in the heart of it all, Tokyo and have been hunting down Pokemon Centers across the city. Travelling with only hand-luggage has made making crazy impulse purchases rather difficult. However, that’s not stopped myself or Helen from purchasing just a couple (times five…) packs of Pokemon cards. Retailing between 150yen and 220yen, these cards each contain either 5 or 6 cards. I’m… View Post

SimBrix Geek Kit Review

We LOVE Lego. True fact, Helen and I actually ran a highly successful Lego business online and at dedicated Lego shows for the best part of five years. So, whenever we hear of a product similar, or arguably better, we’re always first in line. SimBrix is highly similar to the popular Perler beads. Except due to the friction between the colours, there’s no need for an iron. Which is pretty cool, at least in principle. We found that if we weren’t careful with our creation after connecting all the brix then they’d pretty easily fall apart. Of course, there are plenty of benefits to no ironing. Firstly, no ironing… No getting the iron out, waiting for the iron to warm up, making sure… View Post

August 2018 – What We Watched This Month

We’re back with another ‘What We Watched This Month’. It’s the peak of Summer, so you’ll have to forgive us if actually, all we’ve been truly watching is the Baby Shark video on repeat around the pool on our family holiday to Fuerteventura. Because it’s at least partly true… Although we did manage to fit in a couple of other things too! The Adults Desperate Housewives As you may know by now we love watching series and the more episodes and series there is the better. As we came to a holt on what to watch we chose to find something that already had a lot of seasons. We searched and found Desperate Housewives, Cora had watched a little bit of… View Post

Our 2018 Bucket List – Update #2

At the start of the year, we set ourself a bucket list. A list of things we’d like to achieve over the course of the year. In most cases, this list was for enjoyment’s sake. Fun things we’ve wanted to do that we’ve been putting off (no time, no money etc.) We’ve chosen to update this list every 4 months, and today is the second update. You can read the first here. I’ve crossed off the things that we’re actually managing to achieve and maintain, the rest, unfortunately, are yet to be achieved. With four months left, can we do it? Go Away Once A Month I’m writing this from Japan, so I guess that’s September done right? We’ve nothing… View Post

Chicco Oh la la Stroller Review

Honestly I can tell I’m not yet a mum, I don’t get excited about a brand new stroller or look for a new one for fun. My sister Laura on the other hand often stroller shops, she oggles at other peoples strollers and gets jealous. In a matter of weeks we were due to fly to Fuerteventura with both kids in tow, Matilda still needed a mode of transport for naps and long walks. This was making Laura feel a little anxious as her current stroller was bulky, heavy and not practical for travel. This is when Chicco got in touch asking if we would like to review their Oh la la Lightweight stroller…Of course we said yes! And this… View Post

In The Night Garden Live Show Review

I remember the days of looking after my nephew Frankie, who is now 6, and watching In The Night Garden. We now have a new fan of the show in the family, Matilda. She is 2 this year and loves her friends Iggle Piggle and Oopsy Daisy. She has a couple of figures as well as soft toys at home that enjoy bath time and playing in the garden. We were lucky enough to be invited to watch the live show at Trafford Centre at the start of August. It was decided it would be an early birthday present for Matilda and I can honestly say it was the best idea Cora ever had. We bundled up the kids in… View Post

July 2018 – What We Watched This Month

We’ve spent half of the month in LA, and while that means a lot of time spent exploring it also means that we’ve had a chance to catch up on some awesome movies on two flights each more than 11 hours. The Adults Hidden Figures On our return flight from Los Angeles to Manchester, we had a choice of six films and one really stood out – so much so when I looked around, everyone was watching it. That film was hidden figures. This film is empowering, but also as a young person, it reminds you how far people of colour have had to come to have the same rights as us and how hard that must have been. At… View Post