How To Make Magical Mickey Mouse Sugar Cookies

Forever trying to think of new and easy ways to make the kids’ food look interesting at parties? Can’t afford to get cakes made specially or splash out on a tonne of buns and cupcakes from the supermarket? Try this recipe and quick technique to get magical looking Mickey Mouse cookies in quick time. This will make a great flavour and full of fun cookie for your little ones. Change up the colour of the dough or the sprinkles for different seasons and occasions or decorate with a little icing for extra scrumptiousness. Equipment For Mickey Mouse Cookies Mixing Bowl Large Wooden Spoon Measuring Cups Teaspoon Rolling Pin Baking Paper Baking Tray Mickey Mouse Cookie Cutter Ingredients For Mickey Mouse Cookies 3 cups… View Post

How To Make An Onion And Mushroom Puff Pastry Pizza

I love ready rolled pastry, I think for those quick meal preps or those like me who don’t know how to make their own pastry just yet it is a great item to have in the house. For us it is quick a luxury and doesn’t happen often, we live quite frugal lives and don’t like to spend too much on food. But at £1.30 Tesco’s own brand of puff pastry, you can’t go wrong. I fed 2 people with a large portion and a small side salad and it was great, I halved the pastry to get 2 meals from it. Feeding 4+ you can opt to use the same half and mix with a side salad, coleslaw or… View Post

5 Amazing World Book Day Costume Ideas

Though I am not a parent yet and so don’t have the worry of finding a costume for World Book Day. I used to spend ages as a kid deciding and changing my outfit idea and know the pressure. You always wanted to be cool and different. Coming from a kid that always wanted to win the easter egg bonnet parade and never did. So here are some easy to do World Book Day costume ideas. These are ideas using everyday objects and skills and don’t have to cost the earth. Paddington Bear Paddington has always been a big deal and I can see why but Christmas 2017 made a revival for the well-loved bear with new books, Christmas adverts… View Post

January 2018 – What We Watched This Month

January said to be the longest month and one of the most miserable. Not to me, January is the time your favourite shows come back from winter break and you can see the launch of new shows. It can be a very exciting time for TV binging and I am here to tell you what we watched this month – January 2018! The Adults Black Mirror Season 1-4 Black Mirror has been an eye opener and fascinating watch. It was all quite realistic but with a futuristic twist, making it quite scary thinking it was all possible. We enjoyed every episode of every season of this show. It was all fantastic writing, great acting and I don’t feel like there… View Post

How To Make Gingerbread Crumb Apple Crumble

As a child I baked quite often with my Grandma, she made everything from cake to trifle. She taught me many things but one of my favourite things was a fruit crumble. I loved the simplicity of the dish and the fullness of the flavour. It was a favourite of mine to eat with a ball of vanilla ice cream. This Christmas I am making this beautiful dish and giving it a festive twist. I love using the basic crumble recipe to create new and exciting dishes. Equipment Mixing Bowl Oven Proof Dish Wooden Spoon Weighing Scales – Our scales are more industrial but my mum has these and are great. Saucepan Ingredients 350g (12oz) – Baking Apples 50g (2oz) –… View Post

Rustlers Burger Hacking Challenge

My sister got lucky with my nephew Frankie, his favourite things to eat are fruit, veg and salad. A parent’s dream right? Though while he eats all the fruit he can get his hands on, he lacks on protein from meat. No matter what she tried he would only eat little amounts of meat. This is why we thrilled to take part in this Rustlers Burger Hacking Challenge and really get him involved in his food. The Rustlers southern fried chicken twin pack is a great way to get a quick meal on the table. Perfect for parents on the move wanting a well-balanced meal and something quick and filling. Using the Rustlers southern fried chicken burgers are a great… View Post

Heelys Fresh X2 Review + Win A Pair Of Heelys Fresh X2 Thanks To

Heelys aren’t a new brand by any means. They’ve been around since I was a child. However, when encouraged us to check out the new range of Heelys Fresh I was impressed to see how far the brand and the skating shoes had come. Heelys fresh can be worn as plain shoes or the Heely / skate shoes. In this case, Frankie really wanted them to be in skate shoe form so we went ahead and added the wheels straight away. The wheels come separate from the shoe, however, adding and removing them as you require couldn’t be any easier. Once we added the wheels and laced up the shoes we were ready to go! It’s worth noting that you… View Post

Leuchtturm Bullet Journal Review 1917

There is no denying that I am slightly unorganised when it comes to daily tasks and blog work. I have struggled for ages to keep on top of tasks and keep a notebook of my tasks. I worked out that a plain lined book couldn’t work while I was trying to track what I was doing, meal planning and jotting down notes. I have tried a couple of different brands and types before but nothing quite worked out. After doing some research I have seen many other people as well as bloggers using the Leuchtturm Bullet Journal. Here is my Leuchtturm Bullet Journal review… Where To Find The Leuchtturm Bullet Journal While I thought many stores would have produced their… View Post

10 Books To Read On World Book Day

Every year World Book Day becomes a bigger, and bigger event. Sure, it’s something that’s ‘a bit of a pain’ when it comes to finding an outfit, a theme etc. However, in a world where technology is at our fingertips reading a physical book is something that should really be celebrated. To celebrate World Book Day we’ve put together a list of 10 books to read on World Book Day. Of course, you don’t have to read all ten of these – just one (or making a start on one) will do. Instead, the list has been used to allow us to *try* and find a book that suits just about all ages and abilities. Early Readers & Picture Books… View Post

Getting Organised This Spring Time With Tufferman

It’s that time of year… Christmas is over and done with and our attention moves to spring cleaning and decluttering. It can easily be so overwhelming though, in fact after Christmas we seem to have more stuff than ever before. Nothing in its right place, here at The Harrison Household it’s generally just chaos! So when the guys at Tufferman got in touch to ask us whether or not we’d like to check out some of their storage and organisation solutions we knew it’s something we had to cover. Afterall, we can’t be the only ones sat in a house of chaos right now – can we? We decided to try out two very different products that we want to… View Post