Staccups Review : Fast Pace Fun

Every year my parents throw a party for the whole family on Boxing day. It has been a tradition for as long as I can remember, between my dad and his two sisters they would take it in turns to have the party each year or hold New Year. Within this tradition, there is also the Boxing day quiz, along with the quiz master, my dad. Unfortunately, this was something that would bore the younger generation and make the older generation very competitive. The past couple of years there have been some other alternative games involved, last year we had Pie Face Showdown and Speak Out. This year we are mixing it up and introducing Staccups… Staccups is a 2 player… View Post

November 2017 – What We Watched This Month

November is a real turning point in the year for us as a family. The clocks have gone back, the shops are starting to fill with Christmas goodies and the nights are oh so very cold. This time of the year is perfect for getting cuddled up on the sofa and watching some great TV. So, here’s what we watched this month; The Adults I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here While it may not be to my taste. The older generation of The Harrison Household absolutely loves I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here. The show has been running on ITV for around two weeks now and has already had its fair share of drama with Jack… View Post

Harry Potter Gift Ideas

If you didn’t already know I am a massive fan of Harry Potter. I love everything to do with the wonderful wizarding world and so I should right? They are the best books I have ever read. Well, there are plenty more fans eager to have everything, Harry Potter and more. So these Harry Potter Gift Ideas are perfect for any fan around. Thanks to Paladone for creating these amazing Harry Potter gifts and stocking fillers to get our magic on.  There is something for everyone and the best thing is they are all so practical and fun. My ultimate favourite is the novelty eyewear Harry Potter glasses by RubiesUK. That is my Halloween costume sorted forever now… Iron On… View Post

A New Member Of The Harrison Household, Teddy.

We already have had two cats in The Harrison Household. However, a week or so ago we saw a beautiful six-month-old kitten free to a good home on Facebook. We’d not considered getting another cat up until this point. However, looking at those big beautiful eyes staring back at us my heart started to melt once again. So, after debating whether we should, or shouldn’t for 24 hours we decided to go for it… Unfortunately, what followed was heartbreak. The person giving the kitten away confirmed it was still available. They confirmed we could come and visit him. However, they failed to provide their details. We waited, and we waited and we waited. Nothing. Of course, the story doesn’t end there. I mean… View Post

Fun & Games With Pass The Pigs & Pass The Pigs Party + A Chance To Win!

Winter is well and truly here and with it Christmas. It’s a time where you’ll find yourself wrapped up warm, travelling long distances and spending longer than usual with family and friends. Every year we look to find games suitable for the entire (and we mean entire) family to play. Last year we had the likes of Speak Out & Pie Face. This year it’s the turn of Pass The Pigs. Better still, we’re giving you a chance to win both Pass The Pigs games we’re featuring today and the end of today’s post. Pass The Pigs Pass The Pigs has been known as a great game for generations – In fact, many might say it’s the best dice game… View Post