Gingerbread Christmas Tree Biscuits

We are less than a week away from the big day and there is still plenty to do. I will admit that this year Christmas has felt a little different which threw me a little… as you know I love Christmas. After a day shopping Cora was craving a gingerbread man but for the life of us, we couldn’t find one. So once we were home we went to get the ingredients to make our own gingerbread Christmas tree biscuits. The recipe is really straightforward and simple with great results. I used the Be-Ro recipes book and have since I was a child, it was the one my Grandma used and my mum used. So it only seemed fitting that… View Post

Pokemon Legends of Aloha Tin Review

The Pokemon trading card game has been around for as long as I can remember. Helen and I recently started collecting the cards to hopefully pass on to our child one day. The essence of Pokemon TCG (Trading Card Game) is the trading and playing of the cards. This teaches kids great communication skills, teamwork, organisation and more… The Pokemon Tin Today we’re looking at the Pokemon Legends of Aloah tin. Tins are perhaps the most expensive way to obtain Pokemon cards as you often pay for the manufacture of the tin itself. However, the tin can be a great way to store cards. If you already have a Pokemon card storage system then maybe purchasing a tin isn’t going to… View Post

Why We Struggle Buying Clothes

While I and Cora love shopping, we love bargain shopping and mostly for toys or food. We really struggle to go clothes shopping and for a number of reasons. I once upon a time found shopping as easy as breathing, I would find something I like and buy it in as many colours as possible. There was no hassle or stress over it, it was simple. The past few years have been increasingly more difficult for us to buy clothes, I am sitting here writing this in a Starbucks in London, after spending most of the day looking for new clothes. These are just some of our contributing factors to why we struggle… Fashion Is Forever Changing Right now as… View Post

Disney Tsum Tsum Collectables Review

If you know anything about me and Cora, you probably know we love Disney. We have been to Disney World Florida twice and planning a third trip as I write this. So it is no surprise that we love the Disney Tsum Tsum range. There is a wide range of different series, collectable packs and playsets to get. It is hard not to get carried away especially when you see it all in front of you. We picked up a few of the sets to show you and to add to our collection. Squishy Figure 2  and 4 Pack The squishy’s series comes in both a 2 pack and 4 pack and are brought to you by Zuru. Great for… View Post

Our Christmas Traditions

The days are passing by and we are getting closer to the big day. I adore Christmas, I love the weather, the special hot chocolates and just doing things together. We have recently found a new series to watch and so far it has blown us away. One thing that is an ongoing theme for me is family traditions, not just at Christmas time but at all other occasions. So I wanted to share some of our Christmas traditions from when I was a kid to traditions I have with Cora now. Christmas Films This was a tradition I had with my dad and still try and do from time to time. My dad and I liked going to the… View Post

Christmas Eve Box Ideas For Kids & Adults

I’m pretty sure Christmas wasn’t always this complex… These days it’s all about elf on the shelf, expensive advent calendars, and Christmas Eve boxes… That’s before we even make it to Christmas day itself. Christmas eve boxes seem to have come out of nowhere (honestly, I’m blaming the retailers… as if we don’t buy enough) however, like many things around Christmas time it’s something I (along with many others) have fallen for. Now, I can’t get enough of it. Much like the return of the Elf, designing a Christmas Eve box is something I look forward to. Which is exactly why I was so excited to put this little article together for you sharing my very best Christmas Eve box… View Post

10 Best Family Christmas Films

If you know me at all, you will know that I absolutely love this time of year. Time to snuggle down with a film on and enjoy a box of chocolates (that you were supposed to give to the neighbours) and a hot chocolate. I like having a Christmas film on in the background while wrapping presents and doing a bad job of it too! I also have watched the majority of these films more than 10 times, some more than 20. The best thing about the films is that they really get you in the Christmas spirit. With the Christmas tree lights flickering in the background and the smell of the fresh tree it just makes me excited thinking about it.… View Post New Toy Range Review

I am going to be honest, I had never heard of game. I have 1 Nephew and 2 Nieces, to my knowledge they don’t play this game as the girls are too young. But still not heard of this game so when we saw these bright coloured worms at BlogOn I was like ‘oh these are cute’. Typical of me to think that they are cute but thinking what do they do. I need to hang out with the kids more obviously. When actually getting home and deciding to find out more about the products themselves, I discovered the game. What a mistake… both myself and Cora were hooked playing the game. And I mean hooked, it got competitive… View Post

Harry Potter Luminart Review

Despite the concluding film being released in cinemas over five years ago. Harry Potter is still a fan-favourite around the world. In fact, it seems like there are more Harry Potter products now than there were when the films and books were in publication. Today I’m covering one of the newly released items by Paladone, Harry Potter Luminart. The packaging is simple but in keeping with the Harry Potter brand. Open it up and inside you’ll find the instructions, a micro USB wire and the canvas itself. I was really surprised at actually how lightweight the canvas actually is. You can see on the back it’s got mounting abilities. So you can either put it on the sideboard in a… View Post

Must Have PS4 Accessories

Despite being launched in 2013 (is it really that old) the Sony PlayStation 4 (PS4) is still on everyone’s wishlist when it comes to gaming consoles. Now more than ever with the newly released PS4 Pro. However, as with many gaming consoles getting the console itself is never enough. Instead, there’s a number of accessories and add-on items that are going to have a huge impact on the level of play. If you’ve little to no experience of buying these kinds of products then the market can seem extremely overwhelming. For that reason, I’ve put together a list of what in our opinion are the must-have PS4 accessories for any PS4 console owner. Games PS4 games are an essential when… View Post