December 2017 – What We Watched This Month

It’s CHRISTMASSSSS!! Christmas comes with some pretty awesome TV shows and movie premiers and this year has been no different. So, without any further ado, let’s talk about what we watched this month – December 2017! The Adults This Is Us This was our big binge of December. In fact, we watched the entire season and a half in the space of just a week. It’s smart, funny and totally different to anything else out there at the moment. It’s got an amazing cast including Milo Ventimiglia (Jesse from Gilmore Girls) and Mandy Moore. I really can’t say much more without spoiling it for anyone but trust me… If there is one thing you watch from this list, This Is Us… View Post

Our 2018 Bucket List

I’ve been highly inspired by Katy Kickers 2017 Bucket List post. So much so I have been keeping up to date with her progress throughout the year. So much so it’s motivated us to take on our own 2018 Bucket List challenge.     Wherever possible I’ve tried to make the bucket list include SMART goals. SMART stands for specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely. To hopefully help us in achieving every one of our goals. Go Away Once A Month In 2017 Helen and I did more travelling than ever before. This was a goal of the year, and we sold our house to provide us with the freedom of doing so. We’ve already made a start on planning 2018,… View Post

What We Gave & What We Got For Christmas 2017

With the immense build-up of Christmas 2017 and the big day, making sure everything is perfect and everyone has something. I think we often forget to relax and enjoy our time together. I and Cora don’t often ask for much because if we want something we will get it ourselves. What we really enjoy is being able to spoil the people we love, so this is a breakdown of what we gave and what we got for Christmas 2017. The Mums For my mum she really liked her patchwork blanket I made her the year before and she always used them so made her another. Using some brushed cotton bedding that I found reduced in TK Maxx I cut it into… View Post

Pokemon Kyurem Battle Deck Review

A battle deck is unlike the more traditional packs of Pokemon in the sense that this particular set comes with two ready to play decks. The focus here is predominantly on the Pokemon game rather than the collecting of the cards. In this case, we’re going to be looking at the Pokemon TGC (Trading Card Game) battle arena deck: Black Kyurem vs White Kyurem. The battle deck contains a lot of cool cards including; Four Pokemon EX cards Two decks including; loads of foil basic energy cards Two coins (one red, one blue) Counters Pokemon Card game instructions Black Kyurem EX Deck On the left-hand side of the box, we have the Black Kyurem EX deck. The Black Kyurem-EX card alone offers… View Post

The Sims 4 City Living – Review

We’re huge fans of The Sims franchise here in The Harrison Household. Everything from the classic computer game to the mobile and Nintendo DS version has been played. So, we simply had to share our thoughts and feelings about one of the latest PC Sims 4 expansion packs; City Living. While we are usually ones to buy the digital downloads for the PC game. We actually found the physical copy on the best offer. Remember, you’ll need the Sims 4 base game if you want to play the Sims 4 City Living expansion pack. We went through the usual process of inserting the disk, completing the licence registration code and waiting for the download. All of which will take a… View Post

Creating Homemade STEM Toys This Christmas

As the ‘digital age’ continues to progress I can’t highlight enough the importance of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). If like me you’re a 90’s kid then you’ll probably remember Konnie Huq from Blue Peter. She’s one of the longest-running presenters of the show and has since gone on to have two kids of her own. Konnie has recently partnered with the Institution of Engineering and Technology with the aim of inspiring more children to consider careers in engineering. Konnie has created some fantastic tutorials on how to create homemade STEM toys this Christmas. Allowing you to create cut-price versions of some classic toys. Bouncy Ball While there are many STEM toy tutorials we decided to tackle the bouncy… View Post

The New Cineworld At White Rose Shopping Centre, Leeds

When I first heard about The White Rose Shopping Centre in Leeds getting a cinema I was pessimistic, to say the least. In recent years Showcase Cinemas just one junction away on the M62 has undergone an amazing transformation. While the launch of Trinity Leeds in Leeds city centre saw the introduction of a bespoke cinema; Everyman. Considering the whole cinema thing is supposed to be a dying trade… I knew that Cineworld at White Rose Shopping Centre, Leeds had to pull it out of the bag if it was to stand out of the crowd as the place to see any movie. With the release of the new Star Wars film, The Last Jedi we decided to put it… View Post

Gingerbread Christmas Tree Biscuits

We are less than a week away from the big day and there is still plenty to do. I will admit that this year Christmas has felt a little different which threw me a little… as you know I love Christmas. After a day shopping Cora was craving a gingerbread man but for the life of us, we couldn’t find one. So once we were home we went to get the ingredients to make our own gingerbread Christmas tree biscuits. The recipe is really straightforward and simple with great results. I used the Be-Ro recipes book and have since I was a child, it was the one my Grandma used and my mum used. So it only seemed fitting that… View Post

Pokemon Legends of Aloha Tin Review

The Pokemon trading card game has been around for as long as I can remember. Helen and I recently started collecting the cards to hopefully pass on to our child one day. The essence of Pokemon TCG (Trading Card Game) is the trading and playing of the cards. This teaches kids great communication skills, teamwork, organisation and more… The Pokemon Tin Today we’re looking at the Pokemon Legends of Aloah tin. Tins are perhaps the most expensive way to obtain Pokemon cards as you often pay for the manufacture of the tin itself. However, the tin can be a great way to store cards. If you already have a Pokemon card storage system then maybe purchasing a tin isn’t going to… View Post

Why We Struggle Buying Clothes

While I and Cora love shopping, we love bargain shopping and mostly for toys or food. We really struggle to go clothes shopping and for a number of reasons. I once upon a time found shopping as easy as breathing, I would find something I like and buy it in as many colours as possible. There was no hassle or stress over it, it was simple. The past few years have been increasingly more difficult for us to buy clothes, I am sitting here writing this in a Starbucks in London, after spending most of the day looking for new clothes. These are just some of our contributing factors to why we struggle… Fashion Is Forever Changing Right now as… View Post