We’re getting to that age where parenting is becoming a real possibility. A vast number of our friends are either married, pregnant or have children of their own. Similarly, aged family members are much the same.

Being around our friends and family with Children has allowed us to see what real ‘parenting goals’ look like to us. What we want to do, and don’t want to do as a parent.

However, as someone who has no issue with calling myself out on things. I was left asking myself as to whether my viewpoint on parenting goals was rather naive considering I’m not yet a parent.

Our Ideas

Food And Drinks

I also don’t want my children to be fizzy pop and sweet dependent, this is coming from a child that had to have a sausage roll after school to even attempt walking home. It’s not something I want for our children, the fear of having too many sweets and bad teeth or have to deal with a diet. As a child I was chubby and at the age of 13 was told I was overweight for my age and size, this was not a good time to be told your fat. It wasn’t a good time for my mum, who in the end complained to the school for calling me fat.

As many of you may know Cora is a big fan of diet coke, not something I have ever felt myself but it is her thing. It is like she needs it to live, but speaking about it neither of us want our children to drink it or fizzy drinks until they are older. I would love to say not until they are 16 but realistically I feel that would then give them an addiction to the stuff in later years.


I know technology is great and I don’t know where we would be without it but I really don’t like iPads, definitely not all the time. There was nothing more I loved doing as a child than doing a jigsaw or drawing. Ideally, I would love my children to go down the same path, I would love to think I have the time and energy to play with them and spend time with them and not have to give them an iPad to shut up. I know I can’t talk because I am a blogger and spend many hours on my laptop. It is scary most of the time, I would worry even with all the parental locks on would it really still be safe?

We especially worry about Mobile phones, sorry future child but you’re not having a phone until you are 14 if you are lucky. I know that we rely on our phones so much and that they are like a second hand to so many people. It would terrify me to not know what my child was posting on social media, who they were texting and what they were looking at online? You can have a Nokia 3310 without internet connection… that is my compromise.


I always had the ideal image that our children would be polite and well mannered, not too gobby and just the right amount of confidence. I would like to think that my children won’t swear or use bad language until they are 16. We would love a little well-mannered child who is sweet, soft and gentle, even if boisterous a well mannered boisterous child.

Piercings And Tattoos

Nope, non, nada. Just no. Both myself and Cora have our ears pierced and had them done around our 13th birthday. I believe a suitable age, I don’t believe it is something that is essential to life that a child needs before that age. Tattoos are a no, both of us have tattoos but had them done when we were young. I would advise against if I can but at the age of 18 I can’t stop them, can I?


This is one of my big nitpics, I see so many children dressed in the nicest clothes like they are ready for the catwalk or a pageant. Parents that have clearly picked out the child’s clothes and made them look like they are ready for a TV appearance on America’s Next Top Model. Well sorry but no, you are a child and you are meant to wear paw patrol t-shirts and make fashion mistakes because we need some embarrassing photos for your 18th birthday. You need to be able to run around in the mud and ruin your clothes because that is what children do. I will leave an example of bad fashion choices on my part below…

I wanted to write this all down, so Helen and I could reflect on our idea of parenting goals when we actually do become parents. Will we be laughing at our expectations vs the reality of life with children?

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