Printable: Lego Christmas Challenge Cards

Looking to get crafty this Christmas? Then consider building some awesome decorations from Lego blocks.

Lego is super versatile and helps to build a number of STEM skills, and with winter being the time in which the majority of us experience bad weather and have to stay indoors there’s no better time to pull out these incredible Christmas Lego Challenge Cars.

There are 18 challenge cards in total, and some are much easier than others. For example, we found building a house with a chimney to be easy but building a reindeer super difficult.

We sourced additional parts and inspiration online from dedicated Lego stores such as Bricklink and traditional places such as Amazon.

You can have a child use the Lego challenge cards indepdently drawing a new card and scoring their sucsess. Alternatively, you can have the kids use the challenge cards as part of a game to see the best model they can create in under a set period of time.

The truth is, there’s a whole host of different activities you can do with these challenge cards. They can be used in classrooms, as part of afterschool clubs or just indervidually at home.

Plus, with the ideas of what to create thought of in advance, you won’t be stuck mumbling trying to come up with ideas of what the children should aim to create next.

If you fancy getting off the computer or letting the kids do this independently while you get other things done then consider using the free printable Lego challenge cards below.

Simply click the button to download the file and then use your printer to print the three sheets off.

Consider cutting each of the cards individually and laminating them so they can be stored and used again next year (if not simply bookmark this post and visit it again next year instead).

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