Review: Candylocks Dolls & Sweet Smelling Pet BFF

Who’s in there with the candy cotton hair? It’s Candylocks!

We loved the introduction of Candylocks last year and still love playing with them now (when I say we, I mean the kids and adults, they are that fun!) so it is no surprise that we were extra excited to here that the dolls were getting a pet BFF.

Matilda was the main fan of Candylocks and loved the long hair and gorgeous outfit so we was really excited to hear that she was given the chance to review another.

We were lucky enough to receive one of the Candylocks Pets Collectables retailing at £4.99 each and the Candylocks Doll & Pet Pal set retailing at £12.99.

The pets are part of a collectable series and there is a whopping 20 to collect! That will definitely keep little hands busy and make for great treats over the summer.

There are a variety of pets you can get from super cute unicorns to cats, foxes, llamas and dogs. The pets come in a cute watermelon shape container and can be used as a carry case or bed.

Of course there is one pet that is super rare to find, Frankie will want that one, he is a collector of super rare stuff! Each pet comes with 1 pet, 1 pet bed, 1 collectable poster, 1 instruction sheet and 1 accessory.

Each pet BBF is different from the last which different scents, fun names and even a tropical treat theme. They are super easy to unwrap and of course, kids just tear at the outer packaging so they have no trouble.

Frankie was really excited to open the Candylocks Doll and Pet BFF set so he could play with Matilda.

We were excited to get Straw-Carrie and Mudslide the squeeky squirrel, we were surprised to see the theme was summer sweets and treats which was super fun!

They sets are packaged to look like ice lollies and ice cones which is just so cute! The pet and doll have matching hair which you can style anyway you want.

The hair is really soft and super long, perfect for styling high or plaiting. We loved creating different hairstyles for the doll and her pet BFF.

Each set includes 1 Candylocks Doll, 1 Candylocks Pet, 2 Accessories, 1 Collector Poster, 1 Instruction Sheet. Frankie loves browsing the collector poster to see which set he wants to get next.

There are 8 different tropical themed beachy besties sets available to buy. Each with a unique scent, theme and pet BFF. The dolls are 3 inch tall but have 15 inches of beautiful soft ombre hair to play with and give you hours of fun.

Both Frankie and Matilda loved playing with the dolls and even enjoyed having a new pet friend to play with their doll. Matilda especially loves these dolls as she likes to play with hair and loves that the dolls and pets are thin and small enough to fit in one hand.

These are perfect for stashing away in a bag and taking on different adventures around the house and garden and even on holiday. One of the most exciting parts was that the accessories were dual purpose, so they turned into water bowls for your pet!

Frankie and Matilda were super excited to play with their new dolls and pets for the rest of the day and are excited to collect more.

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