Review: Casdon Supermarket Till Toy Set

Matilda is at a great age where playing pretend (though possibly real to her) is so much fun. She has a little kitchen at home and a whole playhouse at her Nannies. She has so much around her that encourages her to play pretend, make cups of tea and cook in her kitchen. One of the things she really loves to play is shops. But the only thing letting us down in our playtime was we had nothing like a till or shop front. Casdon got in touch to see if we would like to review their supermarket till set and of course we said we would love to.

The till comes in a compact box which I like as I hate access packaging. The till needs 3x AA batteries to work, it took us some time to find some in the madness of my mum’s house. Straight away everyone was excited to play with the till. It is aimed at ages 3+, Matilda is only 2 but she wasn’t let her age difference get in the way.

The till comes fully equipped with a conveyor belt for your food shopping, handheld scanner along with the usual push through scanner. Impressively both of these make a beep which obviously amused Matilda. The supermarket till also has a fully working screen to add, multiply, divide and minus different groceries. Though she is only 2 she has been slowly working her way up to counting to 10 so I can only assume this is helping with that.

Only 6 months ago Matilda was like a minion, she would be very selective with what she would say to us and sometimes not say anything at all. Since going to nursery and playing with other children she has really come along with saying what she wants. Now she definitely lets us know what she wants when she shouts ” aisle 3 bread” at the top of her lungs on the till microphone.

Matilda straight away loved the till. She naturally knew what to do with everything. We had to open everything straight away and get it all set up. We found some batteries to put into the bottom to operate the noises and microphone. It was such a hit that even Frankie was getting involved, looking for a basket to do his shopping and finding more items to purchase from around the house.

Matilda absolutely loves having her own credit card, she does some serious spending on a couple of pints of milk and bread. The till comes with bread, milk, arctic roll, a couple of tins, lemon, carrot, Birdseye and more. There is an on switch which took us a while to find, though it is located on the screen in plain sight! I will say though that there isn’t an off switch so you can’t mute the noises while you have guests around.

Now the summer months are coming up me and my mum are planning on changing the wendy house from a dumping ground to a fun and exciting place to go for the kids. It will be a great place to create a home and shopping centre for Matilda and Bella to play for hours. Keep checking in to see our progress on the conversion.

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