Review: Chicco Red Bullet Balance Bike

Matilda is getting bigger and more grown up as we speak. She has turned from a shy muted baby into this robust assertive little girl. She has a big brother Frankie to boss around, but he has also shown her how to do things. One of these things is riding a bike, while she can’t ride a bike yet she is very passionate about getting started.

Frankie has a couple of bikes and loves riding up and down the street on his, she usually sits at the window to watch him or go on her scooter. She has been asking everyone for a bike for her birthday which is in a couple of months. What better way to get her ready than getting her started on the Chicco Balance Bike!

We have worked with Chicco before on another mode of transport for Matilda 1 year ago. Now she is getting bigger and exploring different types of transport we thought it was a perfect way to share her journey and Chicco’s range. (link to other Chicco review)

We had previously told Matilda to a surprise as she calls it, she was very excited when I brought in the balance bike. She straight away wanted to get it out and look at it with the phrase ‘my bike!’. She was so exciting Auntie Heley (that’s what they call me!) had to open the box with bare hands.

More About The Chicco Red Bullet Balance Bike

The Chicco balance bike is made from super light metal which makes it easier and smoother for our little people to hold it. They lightweight frame means your little one can hold the bike, push it and control it without help. The tires are also super light and soft and bouncy so that if your little one chooses to run over something like a lego brick they will just roll on over it.

The big bonus is that the handlebars and seat are adjustable to suit varied heights and sizes. Even better is that the whole process of putting the Chicco balance bike together is super easy and simple. There are instructions but honestly didn’t need them for every step. I think I managed to get the bike together in 10-15 minutes which was great as Matilda was eager to get out on it.

To adjust the seat there is a spanner that locks onto the bold and cant loosen it and tighten it. We had to adjust Matilda’s for her as she was spending more time with her bum off the seat than on.

Luckily we picked a really good sunny day to bring the bike around for her to play on. The sun was shining and the grass was dry, as we experienced a few little falls at the start. She was really enjoying figuring out how it worked and what she wanted to do the whole time. It was a great way for her to learn about balance and control at her pace.

The bike was a huge success and clearly was amazing in Matilda’s eyes as she couldn’t wait to show her big brother Frankie and tell him all about it. after school we spent a good couple of ours playing on bikes in the garden and local park. Matilda especially liked going down a sloped path to wizz down.

Overall we were all really pleased with the balance bike, non more so than Matilda herself. She was so happy that she could have her own bike and play with Frankie. She loved the colour, the style and everything about it. I think we are all impressed with the lightweight frame and ease of the bike for her to learn.

I would happily point people towards the Chicco balance bike as a step up before a real big kids bike as it is super easy to use, small and easy to store and practical for the children’s learning. We loved the bike and are so glad Matilda is getting hours of fun out it now.

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