Review: Corsair Gaming MM300 Extended

Last year I FINALLY bought a mediocre second-hand gaming PC. I say that because as I’m sure you know gaming PC’s are expensive, and I wanted to be sure I would use it enough to justify the cost. Slowly but surely as I’ve been using the PC more and more I’ve been adding new peripherals to my set up, and today finally, it was time to add a mouse mat.

Not just any mouse mat though, the Corsair Gaming MM300 Extended.

I’ve been in love with Corsair products like many gamers for as long as I can remember. However much like a gaming PC itself, the Corsair products aren’t cheap which is my reasoning for putting this purchase off for so long.

I tried with a ‘budget’ version of an extended mousemat from eBay but that’s exactly what it was, budget. Little did I know just how budget until I got my hands on the Corsair gaming MM300 – seriously, who knew a mousemat could be quite so amazing and luxurious!

After a couple of weeks, I had to get rid of my mediocre budget mousemat, which has left me with nothing but a bare desk for the past couple of months – not ideal!

At school, I studied product design, and through the analysis of a product and it’s packaging I quickly learnt how to really tell the quality of a product. In the case of the Corsair gaming MM300, it starts with the box. Simple, sleek but made of high-grade cardboard and filled with awesome graphics and information.

Inside you’ll find a small instruction manual and the MM300 itself. Laid out on the desk (excusing all the chaos surrounding it) you can instantly see what a difference it makes.

The design is exactly what I wanted, especially considering the next peripheral upgrade was going to be a RGB MX Keyboard. The edges of the mousemat were thick and the mousemat itself laid flat almost instantly. As if for the past 12 months it hadn’t been sitting rolled up in a box on a store shelf.

Immediately I got to work and it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the Corsair Gaming MM300 made an instant impact on the quality of my gaming performance. In fact, within just five minutes I was questioning why I’d not made the purchase sooner.

So, if you’re looking for a quality extended mousemat then I seriously recommend purchasing the Corsair Gaming MM300 available in major gaming stores and online from stores including Amazon.

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