Review: Creative Ideas For Keeping Kids Busy With Spinmaster

Who doesn’t love being creative? It is a great way for children to learn, develop and create their own unique view on life. Some kids love the idea of being messy and some like to be neat and tidy but either way it is a fun learning process.

I was always super creative from nursery through to today, I have always enjoyed painting, drawing, building and sewing – pretty much anything I can do to keep my hands busy.

Kinetic Sand Rainbow Mix

So if you can’t go to the beach why not bring the beach to you? But this sand is no ordinary sand, it is kinetic sand which means you can play for hours, days and weeks at a time without the sand drying out.

Perfect, all parents are now facepalming! But it also creates less mess as the grains are tightly knitted together meaning you won’t be hoovering sand out of your carpet for the next 10 years!

With everything you need to make the colours of the rainbow, mixing primary colours and creating amazing shapes it is hours of endless fun. We had the chance to review a set and let Matilda loose with the Kinetic Sand.

The set includes 6 tools, 3 of which are castle shape containers which double up as moulds and 3 cutting tools along with 3 primary colour sands.

Though Matilda started playing with the sand it wasn’t long before the colourful sand and fun shapes attracted Frankies attention, keeping them both busy moulding and cutting.

Matilda enjoyed it that much I think more will be on her Christmas list.

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