Review: Disney Emoji #ChatPack Series 1 Collectable Toys

It’s no secret that we love collecting Disney merchandise, and something we’ve had our eye on for a while now is the Disney Emoji collectables. These come in multiple different formats, but we chose to buy the #ChatPack version as it’s the best value for money and still comes with the surprise element.

The Disney Emoji #Chatpack comes with 5 characters, four of which you can see with the fifth being a surprise. This is great as you can guarantee you’re at least going to get some you’ve not already got in your collection. In fact, the format of this surprise element reflects that we’ve seen in some of the Tsum Tsum squishy packs.

Inside the pack, you’ll find the five emoji toys and a checklist. There’s more than 100 different Disney emoji’s to collect in series 1 so a checklist is critical to ensuring you’ve got the complete collection. The checklist also highlights the rarity of each of the characters so you can find out if you’ve got a common (also known as an essential, besties and goals) or a rare (also known as a special)

Thankfully Disney and the manufacturers of this particular toy, Vivid have chosen to not ‘blind bag’ the mystery figure. It’s not required as it’s covered by some cardboard instead which is much more environmentally friendly. In this case, we got Kermit as our mystery emoji.

Here’s the five I got in my first box. As you can see they are all unique characters which is great. I actually think they are much better quality in your hands than they look behind the plastic packaging so we’re really pleased. As you might find with some Funko products, for example, the paint is slightly off in places on certain characters (Mickey and Minnie I’m looking at you sadly…)

After opening seven packets, here’s my unique collection. As you can see I’ve managed to get 30 unique characters from opening 35 characters. This is certainly one of the benefits of having an extensive collection range. My favourite has to be the Pixar ball. I’ve always loved this classic icon.

You may notice there are two of Minnies bow. These are unique as one is squishy and one is hard. This is one of the ways they create unique collectables from the same design which I think is really cool. I much prefer the squishy to the normal hard version! 

And here are the five duplicates that I’ll be looking to trade for new characters for my collection.

I’ve not quite worked out how I am going to store and display the Disney emoji collection. Although each character has a small hole on the bottom. I’m not entirely sure what this is designed for so maybe this could help me to create some sort of display or stand similar to our Disney tsum tsum display.

That’s our complete review of the Disney emoji #chatpack for series 1. As always we’d love to know what you think of the new Disney emoji range. Is it a Disney toy you’re planning on collecting? Let us know in the comments below.

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