Review: Geomag Confetti & Giveaway!

Since it’s launch in 1998 Geomag has been the leading brand for magnetic construction toys.

With different themes for different age groups, Geomag is designed to develop learning through play.

We’ve kindly been sent the new Geomag Confetti 127 piece set to review, and an extra to give away to one lucky reader – find more details about the competition at the bottom of this post!

The Geomag confetti-like all Geomag products are made from 100% recycled plastic.

There are currently 8 different Geomag confetti sets available. The only difference between each of these sets is the number of pieces.

This particular set is the largest with 127 pieces.

However, if you’re looking for more of an introduction into the Geomag world you may want to consider the smaller sets such as the 32 piece, 50 pieces or 83 piece set.

The classic Geomag sets such as this Confetti set are made of magnetic sticks and balls that work together to create shapes.

In the larger confetti sets, you’ll also find the structured plastic bases that help you stabilise larger models.

The instructions booklet folds out to provide you with instructions for multiple different models.

Certain model instructions are harder to follow and understand than others.

We personally found Youtube videos much easier to follow.

We used the Geomag pieces to create different models.

We loved the bright colours from the Geomag confetti set. These make creating models even more fun!

However, creating some models on a flat surface was hard.

While the magnets are strong and work really well, the slightest movement can completely ruin the structure and design of the model which can be frustrating.

However, we found some models to be really easy to make on a flat surface.

The above model is model 4 and worked really well.

The model took just a couple of minutes to put together and we used different colours to really brighten up the design.

We love the different designs and shapes you can make from Geomag. It’s a really diverse toy that uses fine motor skills, creativity and skill.

It also promotes the understanding of magnets and magnetic fields in children. Something our nephew Frankie who’s almost 8 was very curious of.

Win a 127 Piece Geomag Set Worth £70!

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