Review: Guinness World Records Challenges Board Game

We were sent this awesome Guinness World Records Challenges Board Game in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts, opinions and photographs are our own. 

Nothing says family like a board game am I right? It is a great way to bond, have fun and really test your relationships. Well, we had the pleasure of being sent the new game from the guys over at Guinness World Records. Their new game Challenges is about taking your knowledge and skill set to the next level!

What The Game Includes

The game comes in the usual square sturdy box with the game board and plastic liner holding the cards, dice and counters. The game includes :

1 Guinness World Records game board

150 question cards on different Guinness World Records

20 Challenge cards – 10 cards of ’30 seconds’ and 10 cards of ‘best time’

1 booklet of guidelines ( which you will need, trust me)

1 notebook to keep everyone in check!

1 ping-pong ball

5 counters

1 dice

What You Need To Bring To The Table

So this had us a little confused at first but after reading a couple of the challenge cards it all made sense. The items are fairly easy to get hold of and can be found in and around the house. The more common items that can be found are 10 pairs of socks, pack of 52 cards, 1 coin and 25 coins, 5 pint glasses, 10 A4 paper sheets and 12 stainless steel tea spoons. There is also a bottle of water and a timer/stopwatch (you can use your phone).

The game rules are simple and easy to follow once you get started. Some of the rules vary depending on how many people are playing. As there was just 2 playing this time we set up the board and the cards for 2 players, we also worked out that the winner had to complete 3 challenges to win the game.

The game got going and



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