Review: Hatchimals CollEGGtibles Pet Obsessed

We’re huge fans of Hatchimals so imagine our excitement when Spinmaster announced a new range to be hitting the shelves this Spring.

Introducing Hatchimals Colleggtibles – Pet Obsessed series!

The Hatchimals pet obsessed series includes a whole range of different products, in different formats and at different price points ensuring there’s something for everyone.

Today, we’re reviewing the Pet Shop Multipack which contains three Hatchimals and three incredible mini accessories retailing at £7.99.

Two of the three hatchimals are a mystery and located inside the new hatchy hearts (before we had eggs)

The non-mystery Hatchimal was Burtle and Mouse from the Heartland Hunnies – being that the pair are the pink version and not the blue version these are rares.

You can check the rarity of your hatchimals using the pet obsessed collectors sheet located inside any Hatchimals pet obsessed series pack

Inside our first hearty we found Elefly and Goat who are also from the Heartland Hunnies. These are a common.

An inside our second egg we found Tigrette & Chinchilla, these two are super cute. Tigrette can even give the little Chinchilla a piggyback!

In conclusion, we love the new Hatchimals Pet Obsessed series and are already on our way to completing our collection (there’s 60 to collect in total)

The new hearty’s open just as easily as the Hatchimal eggs have previously, requiring just a small amount of pressure to crack and reveal your mystery and the added mini accessories are super cute!

Let us know in the comments which Hatchimal Pet Obsessed character you’re looking forward to getting the most!

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