Review: Hatchimals Pixies

There is no denying that kids are still hooked on the opening of toys as much as they are playing with them. Frankie and Matilda are no different, they love ripping something open before playing with the actual item itself. Hatchimals have proved to be a big hit with many ages due to the interactive nature, having to care for an egg to enable it to hatch and so on. We were lucky enough to be sent the new Hatchimals Pixies to review and here is what we thought…

What Are Hatchimals Pixies?

The new release of Hatchimals sees the upgrade to pixies, these are a small fairy-like dolls hidden in the egg. The egg can comfortably sit in the palm of an adults hand. The kids had to hold it with two hands but to them, it made it more exciting as it was big!

The pixies come in the usual form of the famous and well known Hatchimals egg. The shell, like many of the others, is soft to touch but still needs force to break it through. The base was a little different on this one as it was hard and plastic as though to be kept and not disposed like the shell. The Hatchimals Pixie includes the pixie, a small bag with accessories, a bed that sits in the base and 2 sheets of information.

What We Thought Of The Hatchimals Pixies

As soon as we brought them out the kids eyes were fixed. Matilda even saw the colour she liked and asked for the pink one. They were so giddy and you could see the excitement in their faces. Initial impressions were good which was fun to see.

Once they opened their boxes and got the egg out, Matilda found the sheets of paper first and seemed interested which is quite funny. One of the sheets had safety information along with how to get into the egg. The other sheet had a large picture on one side with number 1 – 4. These were different areas of the Hatchtopia in where the Pixies live. On the other side was a picture, name, and details about the 8 different pixies you can collect.

Frankie got to breaking into his egg straight away and he was clearly after the prize. Though he asked if there were rare ones I am pretty sure they are all as amazing as each other. Frankie had got ‘ Wishing Star Willow’ who has golden hair and pink wings. One of the things Frankie loved was the egg base being turned into a home for the pixie to live.

Matilda was super impressed with how her pixie could fly. The pixie has wings on her back that actually flutter and move as you shake her. She also loved the colour of her hair and wings in general. Matilda enjoys a cup of tea from time to time so when she saw her pixie had a tea pot and cup she was super impressed.

Each pixie came with a bed, 2 accessories that are catered to them, a crown/tiara and a base to stand. Each pixies bed and accessories are unique to them which makes collecting them really fun.

Check out our super cute and fun unboxing video of the new Hatchimals Pixies.

Hope you enjoyed reading about the new Hatchimals Pixies and let me know in the comments below if your little ones love Hatchimals products too!

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