Review: Lonely Planet Kids – Cardboard Box Creations

Frankie recently won his first ever competition thanks to Toppsta. We’ve been encouraging Frankie to enter competitions with the aim of understanding that effort = reward, so it was a real delight to see our efforts finally pay off.

The prize that Frankie won was a copy of the newly released Lonely Planet Kids Book – Cardboard Creations.

Since the start of the school year little Frankies reading has come on leaps and bounds and at age 6, this book was perfect for him. Combining creativity and design with reading and following instructions.

The idea of the book is to use the supplies, and other crafting supplies (glue, tape, colours, paint etc.) to create objects from cardboard. Some of the cardboard detailing is provided but the larger projects require you to source your own cardboard.

While Frankie was busy colouring in the fish for his future aquarium we got to discussing how great this book would be as a gift for Christmas given the number of cardboard boxes most kids end up with as a result of presents.

Unfortunately, we didn’t have much cardboard on hand and didn’t ideally know where we could go out and source some so we made-do by creating the creations available from the cardboard included within the contents of the book.

However, we hope that over the course of the next six weeks we’ll be able to recycle lots of cardboard into some pretty damn awesome Cardboard Creations!

The Lonely Planet Kids: Cardboard Creations book is available to buy on Amazon now.

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