Review: Nintendo Labo VR Kit Toy-Con 04

There’s not been a more family friendly console than the Nintendo Switch since the release of the Nintendo Wii back in 2006. Since the Switches launch in 2017, we’ve seen an expanding range of games to educate, inspire and entertain us.

However, no range of games has intrigued me quite as much like the Nintendo Labo series. These flatpack cardboard peripherals are designed to enhance your gameplay in a number of different ways, and in the Toy-Con 04 release, it’s in the form of VR (Virtual Reality).

The Nintendo Labo VR Kit isn’t my first gaming experience in VR. In fact, I was one of the lucky ones who got to preview the PlayStation VR back in 2016. Sadly, since then this is my first gaming VR experience. The PlayStation VR kit was incredible but gave me the worst motion sickness of my life. Of course, the price point was another thing that left me a little sick too…

That’s what’s so refreshing about the VR Kit from Nintendo Labo, the price point is fantastic – as it should be, it is made of cardboard after all (and I’ll get onto that in more detail in a moment) and my motion sickness compared to the Playstation VR was great.

Buying Formats

The Nintendo Labo Toy-Con 04 VR Kit can be purchased in a number of different formats depending on your requirements and budget. You’ll need nothing else to get started other than your Nintendo Switch.

First up you have the complete VR Kit bundle. This comes with;

  • Nintendo Switch game card containing software for use with VR Kit
  • Cardboard sheet x32
  • VR lens piece x1
  • Reflective sheet x1
  • Sponge sheet x2
  • Smooth sheet x1
  • Eyelet set (grey) x6
  • Washer (grey) x2
  • Eyelet set (yellow) x11
  • Rubber band** (large) x1 + spares

The complete set is currently retailing for £59.99 / $79.99

Alternativly you can pick up the VR starter set & blaster which includes;

  • Nintendo Switch game card containing software for use with VR Kit
  • Cardboard sheet x13
  • VR lens piece x1
  • Reflective sheet x1
  • Sponge sheet x2
  • Smooth sheet x1
  • Eyelet set (grey) x4
  • Washer (grey) x2
  • Eyelet set (yellow) x4
  • Rubber band** (large) spares]

This set currently retails for £39.99 / $59.99

You can then pick up two other expansions Camera & Elephant as well as Bird & Wind however you’ll need the Nintendo Switch game card containing the software for use with VR kit for these sets to work as it’s not included – hence the reduced cost of just £19.99 per set.

Structure & Stability

When I first saw the promotional video for the Nintendo Labo VR kit I couldn’t help think that choosing cardboard as a material over wood or plastic meant that the structure and stability of the sets would be inadequate.

Especially considering the way in which some of these sets are used (i.e. with our feet to create the wind using the wind expansion set). However, the cardboard works really well. Not only is it environmentally friendly, but it’s also an easy material to work with making simple work out of the at-home creation of the expansion you require.

The cardboard is multi-ply and high density so the structure and stability of the set aren’t compromised what so ever. In fact, despite the extensive usage by everyone in the family in the short space of time since the set’s release we’re yet to see any damage to any of the creations.


The playability of the Nintendo Labo VR Kit is no different to the other Nintendo Labo sets we have the pleasure of owning; 100 out of 100. The playability starts as soon as you open the box as you begin to create the VR kit segment you’d like to experience.

These vary in complexity and therefore the time in which it will take you to put them together. However, the instructions provided from the VR software for your Nintendo Switch make the process simple to follow and understand.

When it comes to gaming, the VR kit provides more than 60 different experiences. From high-intensity shooting games to simple VR experiences such as exploring under the sea. Not only is this great for gaming but it all provides brilliant STEM and educational opportunities.


The Nintendo Labo VR Kit is a great expansion for any Nintendo Switch loving family. If £79.99 for the full kit is a little on the high side for your family or it’s your first VR experience then knowing you can get a more basic experience for a cheaper price and then expand on it as required is a great bonus feature.

I’m excited to see what other VR expansions we’re going to see from the Nintendo Labo team in the near future.

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