Review: Pokemon Islands Guardians GX Box

We were lucky enough to pick up one of the fantastic Pokemon Island Guardians GX boxes on offer recently. It’s rare we pick up boxes that contain more than simply just cards, however, we fell in love with the amazing artwork on these promos and simply had to give this box a try.

So first things first and one of the major selling points of this premium collection GX Box is the playmat. This playmat is filled with all four of the Island Guardians and is standard size. It’s super colourful, and really high quality, unfortunately as we only collect cards and don’t play it’s not something we have much use for.

Next up we have the oversized jumbo Tapu Lele GX black star promo card, and the standard size Tapu Lele GX black star promo card. These full art cards are simply beautiful, a must have for any promo collection for sure!

To follow we have the standard Tapu Fini black star promo card. Again this full art is bright, colourful and a must-have card for any guardians or black star promo collection.

Now onto the main event. You’ve got one pokemon coin, one pokemon online code and eight booster packs.

  • Two Lost Thunder Booster Packs
  • Two Evolutions Booster Packs
  • Two Forbidden Light Booster Packs
  • Two Ancient Origins Packs

This gives you a total of 82 cards (inc both promo standard-size cards)

In conclusion, I think this Islands Guardians box is pretty damn awesome. Even if like us you’re not major collectors of the ‘additional stuff’ outside of just the basic Pokemon cards, you can still see the beauty and the value in the extras. Not to mention the fantastic opportunity to pick up two beautifully designed full art black star promo cards.

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