Review: Power Dough By Canal Toys

We were sent this super cool Power Dough set in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts, opinions and photographs are our own. 

I’m always excited when technology meets toys, and the new toy Power Dough by Canal Toys is no different. This super fun modelling set allows you to bring your creations to life with different sounds, motions and lights.

We were sent the Power Dough Funny Pets set to review. We have a lot of pets in The Harrison Household so this set seemed particularly fitting.

The set comes with;

  • 10 mix n’ match accessories that allow you to create an animated body for your animal.
  • 3 different dough colours to ensure a colourful pet (we got orange, yellow and pink)
  • 3 power parts – one sound, one motion, one light.

Our power sound is for a dog bark, meanwhile, our motion is for some wagging ears and finally, our light power part is designed to make the dog’s eyes light up super bright.

We loved that Power Dough helps us to improve our fine motor skills while exploring our creativity and imagination. Unfortunately, we found that the funny pets power dough is supposed to have all three power parts in the face of the pet. This is particularly tricky as there’s limited space so we had to move some around to ensure we got the best results.

We loved that the batteries are already included in the power parts however, we were disappointed with the amount of plastic packaging used and believed this could be condensed if the accessories were put into a small bag rather than a plastic tray.

You could purchase a number of different Power Dough products and use the different power parts, colours and accessories to create some fantastic dough creations! Also, Power Dough is pretty great, because it’s compatible with other brands of dough. So if you’ve already some other dough at home, you can use that to expand your creation!

Power Dough is now available to buy on Amazon

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