Review: Protecting My MacBook Pro With Speck

We were sent this Speck Mackbook Pro case in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts, opinions and photographs are our own. 

I have owned my MacBook Pro for over 4 years now and though I am careful there are situations that you just can’t control. We use our laptops for everything and I mean everything. They come with us while we travel, they are our TV and they are used heavily for us to make an income. Cora has had a case on hers for some time but I haven’t and I have had a few too many near misses. I love my Maxine (the name for my MacBook) and I really don’t want to have to replace her anytime soon. Thankfully Speck got in touch and offered to help me protect my laptop.

SeeThru MacBook Pro With Retina Display 15″ Cases

I decided to get the SeeThru case as I didn’t want anything too thick. This year I got a new backpack which I love which came with laptop sleeve. If I had a thick case on I couldn’t fit my laptop in it. So I wanted to make sure whatever case I had on it wasn’t going to be bulky or hard to pack away into my bag. My main reason for needing a case was to protect my laptop from scratches, bumps when I have it out working.

Though when we travelled and move around my laptop was kept in a padded zipper case. This was great until the laptop was out on a desk, it became unprotected. I decided on the SeeThru case as it covered my Macbook all over and is easy to clip into place.

I love my MacBook and there is no denying I am an Apple person so I do love the look of the products. So I still want to be able to show off my MacBook without losing any protection. I found that the SeeThru MacBook case really helped with covering all areas of my mac without looking ugly or boring.

I really liked that there was a variety of colours to choose from so I chose the Calypso blue. There are so many MacBooks around and with me and Cora having the same it got confusing. I also thought it is good to have a unique colour case so if I were to ever lose it or need to find it fast I could. The case doesn’t affect the Mac when it is closed as it lays flat, the edges line up with the edge of the Mac so you don’t have any sharp edges or lips that may catch your hands.

The case itself is a sleek design, comes in 2 parts for easy assemble and looks great. I liked that it came in two sections, one for the top and another for the bottom. I also really liked that the bottom came with built-in base pads to keep the Mac from resting on the surface. I can easily say that the case is easy to put on and take off. I know this because the moment I put on the top part, I knew it was on the wrong way around so I had to take it off and switch it around.

My only worry is that the Mac will overheat and not be able to cool down. Though there are vents for the Mac to stay cool, I do worry that they aren’t big enough. I will only be able to tell over time if that is a large issue but for now, I haven’t noticed anything to worry about.

One of the big bonuses to the cases are that they are lightweight, that don’t add much extra weight to your laptop. Which for me carrying my MacBook everywhere I go needs to stay as light as possible. The case is also designed to keep all areas that require plugs, headphone jack and SD card slot open so you can use them at all times. My case was £39.95 which is really resonsible compared to others on the market.

I am really pleased with the quality and protection my mac has with the Speck case. I would maybe like to see in the future something that comes with a little more robust rubber edging for falls. We are also a fan that they sell child-friendly cases for iPads which are fun, easy to hold and protective. Overall Speck are great at creating quality protective products for affordable prices. I wouldn’t hesitate to go back to Speck in the future.

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