Review: Pull My Finger Game – Who Doesn’t Love A Farting Monkey?

What kid doesn’t find farts amusing?

Seriously. We’re the fun aunties, so we encourage the funny stuff, the sort of stuff the kids mum (my sister) rolls her eyes at – but actually loves! – and this is no different.

Pull my Finger is a super fun game, suitable for ages 4+ by Jakks. We had the pleasure of reviewing the game to share our thoughts with you today.

We were provided with the Pull My Finger game in return for our honest review, as always all opinions are our own.

Pull My Finger is available from all major toy stores (Smyths is our personal favourite) and from major retailers online, the RRP is £19.99.

The monkey is super easy to assemble. Just a couple of clicks and you’re ready to go.

However, once I assembled the monkey I was unable to remove it from the base – I’m not sure if this is possible. However, it meant I couldn’t store the game back in the box.

Let me know if you’ve managed to find a way to remove the monkey from the base for storage in the comments below.

The Pull My Finger game is ready to play just seconds after being removed from the box.

Myself, Helen and Frankie (7) played a number of rounds after school. The game is super easy to understand, and rounds can be completed in a matter of minutes making it the perfect grab and play game!

How To Play Pull My Finger

The youngest player spins the banana spinner first and then carries out the action that they land on…

1 – Pull the finger 1 time

2 – Pull the finger 2 times

3 – Pull the finger 3 times

4 – Pull the finger 4 times

3 & Spin Again! – Pull the finger 3 times and spin the banana again

Skip Turn! – Player skips a turn – no pulling of the finger

Reverse! – The direction of play goes anticlockwise and the player doesn’t need to pull the finger.

Player’s Choice! – Player gets to choose a random player to go next and doesn’t need to pull the finger!

Continue the gameplay in a clockwise direction (as long as the banana hasn’t landed on REVERSE)

The player who causes Mr Buster (that’s the name of the monkey 🐒) to fart loses and is out of the game. Gameplay continues until there is only one player remaining and is the WINNER!

What We Thought Of Pull My Finger

We found it super fun to watch his butt grow and loved the noise he made when he eventually farted.

Don’t forget, there’s a spare butt just in case your first one gets damaged in any way. We didn’t have any troubles, but I can imagine after a year or so of playing it may become a little stretched. 😂

In conclusion, WE LOVE PULL MY FINGER.

If you’re looking for a basic introduction to board games, with something novelty and fun to keep the kids interested then I honestly think Pull My Finger is perfect.

As always, we’d love to know what you guys think in the comments below.

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