Review: Rick & Morty Pint Size Heroes By Funko

Pint Size Heroes were launched in August of 2016 by Funko. In the beginning, the range consisted of just three different series; Batman, Spiderman and Steven Universe. With the follow-up of Five Nights at Freddy’s during the launch of new Five Nights at Freddy Funko products.

Since then there’s been 19 series of Pint Size Heroes (at the time of publishing) with one of the latest being the fan favourite that is Adult Swim’s Rick & Morty.

Pint Size Heroes Packaging

Funko’s Pint Size Heroes are in a form of packaging you’d come to expect from blind bagged products. A simple thick plastic allowing you to rub and feel to increase your chances of getting the character you need for your collection.

The Pint Size heroes are then displayed in the series box (as shown above) with often a sample Pint Size Hero available to view. The packaging can be opened without scissors (which is unusual for a blind bag product, as it seems to increase the risk of people opening the product in-store) thanks to a tare strip across the top of the bag.

Inside you’ll find your Pint Size Hero as well as a collectors sheet.

The Rick & Morty Pint Size Heroes Collection

There are 12 Rick & Morty Pint Size Heroes to currently collect. Each series released has a different number of characters to collect for example there are 16 WWE Pint Size Heroes to currently collect.

There’s also an equal chance of you getting each character, meaning one isn’t harder to find than the other. This increases the chances of you not getting doubles of common characters and should allow you to complete the series with a lower number of blind bag purchases.

In my case, I picked up three random bags without feeling prior and was pleased to find myself with three different characters; Jerry, Beth & Mr Poopy Butthole.

Pint Size Heroes Product Quality

Considering the product is only 1.5 inches tall, the quality is an improvement on some of the bigger and more popular Funko POP’s we’ve seen.

Jerry is pretty much perfect, my only criticism would be how much the mould lines from the plastic seem to come away from his mould – these could be reduced with some further sanding of the edges.

Beth was pretty much the same as Jerry with just a minor glare where you can see the remnants of glue that have been used to connect the head with the hair. Finally, Mr Poopy Butthole who’s paints lines were particularly off on the sides where the mould lines are.


In conclusion, if you’re a fan of Rick & Morty. Then the Rick & Morty Pint Size Heroes by Funko are an affordable and easy way to showcase your love for the show. While I still think the quality could be improved upon, considering the price point and the size I’d say these little guys get away with it pretty well. You can purchase your Rick & Morty Pint Size Heroes online from Amazon as well as in most major retailers on the high-street.

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