Review: So Bomb DIY Bath Bomb Set

Everybody likes to get crafty at this time of year, Christmas is all for getting stuck in and making something fun. The kids within the family love getting baths and even like the luxury of a bath bomb from time to time. So we were thrilled when we were asked to review the So Bomb DIY kit!

What Do You Get?

Within the set you get quite a few things to make the bath bombs along with different tools to make them more fun and creative.

The main part of the set is the stand and mixer, this mixes the powders together to create the bath bomb. There are other utensils such as the pipet, moulding cases and test tube style holders.

You get 6 packets of coloured Bicarbonate Soda and 6 packets of Citric Acid which is the soap part of the bath bomb. You also get some super cute accessories and sprinkles to decorate your bath bombs.

Setting Up The So Bomb DIY Kit

The initial set up was really easy and simple to set up. The pieces were easy to put together and the most fun part of the set up was putting on the stickers.

Making The Bath Bombs

I was impressed with the number of items you got within the kit, there were 6 packets of coloured bicarbonate soda and from them, you could make anything from 6 bath bombs.

I liked the added touches of sprinkles, stars and little rubber-like figures to hide inside. You can find a seahorse, unicorn, cloud and unidog. I think the little extra pieces are what really make the set and make it exciting to make the bath bombs.

The colours of the bath bomb mix were super fun and colourful and great for both boys and girls to play with.

The bath bomb set had the right amount and creativity and mess-making without it being too messy. The system was easy to use and really simple to follow.

I would suggest doing this in the bathroom or kitchen so you can have access to water. Also makes it much easier to clean up if there is a little spill.

It was super easy and fun to transfer over the mixture into the smaller containers and push down the top to create the rounded shape of the bath bomb.

I noticed we needed a little force to squish the mixture down into place. I would make sure there is an adult to help at that point to make sure the mixture is pressed into place.

Once it is done, you can use it or wrap it up for a present. It was really enjoyable and creative as you can mix and match the colours to create patterns in the bath bombs.

Overall the So Bomb DIY Kit was the perfect afternoon/evening craft for two. We had a great time, and it was even better knowing we could make them and share them with everyone else.

You can buy the So Bomb DIY kit in a range of toy stores both online and in-store. While we were set this So Bomb Kit in return for our review, as always all thoughts and opinions are that of our own.

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