Review: Vet Squad, Meet The Girls Saving The Wildlife

Who remembers the fun endless hours of playing with an animal hospital set? I am pretty sure my older sister had a set and when she was finished with it, I also loved playing with it. As a child, I was well known for taking a bag of animals and small figures on holiday to play with and I was happy for hours.

We discovered at an early age Matilda was just the same, she could easily entertain herself with a set of figures for hours. She has many from Disney, Frozen, Trolls and more and loves taking them to different places in her backpack or in her pocket.

That’s when the amazing team behind Vet Squad got in touch and asked if Matilda would like to review some of their products. Of course, we said we would love to and so we waited for the Vet Squad to arrive in to our living room and teach us some awesome things about animals.

One thing to note is that Vet Squad teamed up with the brilliant Sea Life Trust to donate funds from the sales of the toys, something I think all of us can get behind and support.

Who Are Vet Squad?

If you, your kids or even your pets (not really the pets but hey!) have been watching plenty of shows and videos on Youtube you might have come across Vet Squad. Being a Youtube based show of 4 girls who are working hard to save and look after their wildlife friends.

The adventurous squad consists of 4 girls, Ava, Emily, Robin and Yara. Each having their own skills and unique gifts to helping one another and helping save the animals. These sassy girls love to race to the rescue and meet some new friends along the way.

Each of the Vet Squad team has their own special friend, backpack and accessories to go help rescue animals and have adventures along the way. You can find the Vet & Pet Assortment Packs on Amazon or in toy stores. RRP £10.99 per pack.

You might recognise some of the creatures, animals and more they come across. From super cute bunnies to friendly horses and even some more exotic animals like elephants and giraffes plus many many more!

You can find more pets to rescue and have more friends to play within the Animals 5 Packs or Animal 2 Packs starting RRP is £6.99 and up to £10.99.

They don’t just have animals to save at home on Friendship Farm but travel to places far and wide such as Polar Point, Rescue Reef and even Tropical Cove to name a few. There they get to rescue their wildlife friends and make new ones along the way.

Due to each of the vets having unique skills and knowledge they also have special vehicles to go rescue the animals, a little like Paw Patrol but with people and animals.

Yara is in charge and has the best knowledge for Safari while Robin has specialised skills in Air Adventures, Ava is in charge of the Forest Rescue and Emily is a great swimmer for Reef Rescue.

Safari Expedition, Reef Rescue, Forest Rescue and Air Adventures can be bought online or in toy stores such as Smyths and Argos. At a starting RRP of £15 up to £25.

What We Thought Of Vet Squad

We were really surprised by Vet Squad, only knowing little bits – Matilda knew more than us (obviously) she loves to find fun figure videos to watch on her ipad so this was definitely right up her street.

Something Matilda really enjoyed was being able to tow one vehicle with the other and pull them along like a train. I think she might have been playing that the safari jeep got stuck in a mud rut and needed pulling out.

What we really loved was the size, as Matilda already loves playing with small figures and loves the imagination and intrications of playing and creating a world of her own. She already loves animals (not flies unfortunately, she tells them to go away) but others she has a passion for.

The girls were a great set of role models and icons for her and she loved the hints of pink on the vehicles and getting to play with cars and trucks. They were a perfect size for her little hands and she could manage all the small bits and pieces without a struggle.

She really took to Ava and Emily but also liked Yara’s glasses, they were on and off quite frequently. It took her no time at all to figure out what the dolls could do, she knew how to make them sit, how to put them in their vehicles and how to put on the backpack, she even corrected me a few times on who has what accessories for their backpack!

After getting everything out of the packet and pulling out all the small bits and obviously getting side tracked with how cute everything was. We evetually found the stickers, which Matilda was super excited for but wanted help from Aunty Heley & Cora to put them in the right places and get it neat.

She helped put on the bigger ones where she didn’t need to be so precise. The stickers were a fun part of the process but something you might have to help smaller children with. We didn’t mind as it meant we could get to see more of the safari truck and all the cool gadgets it had included.

We really loved playing with the sets and looking at more of the different places that the Vet Squad could visit and find new animals.

We hope you have as much fun rescuing pets and having adventures with the Vet Squad as much as Matilda has. We would love to know more about which animals you love and who your favourite character is.

As always our opinions are our own and like to be as helpful and honest with our reivews.

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