Review: Watermelon Smash Game – This Game Is So Much Fun!

Board games are becoming more and more fun and interactive recently. First with Speak Out, then Pie Face and now… Watermelon Smash! 

This game is so much fun, and I know it’s going to be a huge hit with our family and friends over the festive period. We even made an entire Youtube video playing the game so if you’re still unsure, check that out below.

How To Play

  1. Players first fill the watermelon with water in the designated compartment.
  2. Take turns spinning the spinner to determine how many times they tap the watermelon on their heads.
  3. The melon will begin cracking open. Then at random, it will completely pull apart into two pieces, in which the contents of the watermelon will fall over the head of that player!

Avoid Getting Wet

If you’re playing inside or want to avoid getting wet, then players can fill the watermelon with whatever they want. The game comes with plastic makeshift watermelon seeds to use instead.


This game is super fun for the whole family. Each game takes around 6 minutes and can be played with two or more players. There’s a limited number of parts that required set up which means getting started and explaining the ‘rules’ is super quick and simple.

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