Rustlers Burger Hacking Challenge

My sister got lucky with my nephew Frankie, his favourite things to eat are fruit, veg and salad. A parent’s dream right? Though while he eats all the fruit he can get his hands on, he lacks on protein from meat. No matter what she tried he would only eat little amounts of meat. This is why we thrilled to take part in this Rustlers Burger Hacking Challenge and really get him involved in his food.

The Rustlers southern fried chicken twin pack is a great way to get a quick meal on the table. Perfect for parents on the move wanting a well-balanced meal and something quick and filling. Using the Rustlers southern fried chicken burgers are a great way to create a meal just the way you want it. You can add any topping to your choice, any sauce you want and many different sides to create a well-balanced meal.

The burgers are great for those busy nights where everyone is working late, got dance class or football practice. We went round after school to make our burger, we took Frankie’s shopping list and got all the things he wanted. We opted for avocado, pineapple rings, a pre-made salad and vegetable chips along with our twin pack of Southern Fried Chicken burgers.Though this may seem a lot we really enjoyed letting Frankie choose what he wanted to eat and it paid off in the end.

We made our fun Rustlers burger hacking challenge with Frankie so he could make it his way. This made it all the more fun for him and he really enjoyed it. After cooking the burger and softening the bun in the microwave, which was so simple that you can’t fault it. We got so into it in fact after every bite or so he would empty the topping off his burger to create a new flavour.

Frankie loves cars so we even got them involved creating a ramp onto the plate with his knife for the cars to help create the ultimate Rustler Burger. We enjoyed every minute of the Rustlers burger hacking challenge and it was more fun being able to let Frankie lead the way. He was so enthusiastic he wanted to make more, I think we have a chef in the making.

The Rustler burger hacking challenge was a great way to see what Frankie wanted from a meal. We know he loves his greens and good foods but being able to find a way to incorporate meat and other food groups into his diet was great. Especially in a way he would enjoy it and going forward has opened our eyes to a new way of approaching new foods. The Rustlers southern fried chicken twin pack was perfect for small hands as they are a little smaller than the average burger.

Using the Rustler’s southern fried chicken twin pack is a great way to feed everyone in a way they want. No more making 4 different meals to suit every need, everyone can make up their burger and sides to suit themselves. Perfect for a quick meal before everyone heads off to do their own thing.

I would love to see what you do with your Rustlers burgers and what toppings you choose. Let me know what your favourite Rustlers burger is in the comments below.

This post is an entry for BritMums Rustlers Burger Hacking Challenge, sponsored by Rustlers.

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