Saving Mother’s Day With ProCook’s Baking Range

There are so many ways we choose to show appreciation to our parents, one of these things in celebrating Mother’s Day. While I don’t always shower my mum in gifts I do like to show her everything she does is appreciated and I like to make her feel special. As we grow up we start to struggle with ideas, especially if your mum can get things for herself. My mum is a star, since moving into our house she has been helping do up the rooms, wash our dirty laundry weekly and much much more. She doesn’t need new clothes, a new mug or just other gifts. Instead, I thought it would be nicer to do something for her, that’s where ProCook came in to help me.

One of my best memories were the many times I would bake with my mum and Grandma. I decided I wanted to create this feeling this Mother’s Day and make a cake for my mum.

Who Are ProCook?

ProCook is a small but mighty cookware company making high-quality products. They have been around for 20 years and are still working hard to produce good values and ethos. The company themselves were the first to sell by direct mail and have been working hard ever since. One of their latest missions is to reduce the amount of waste and plastic they create. As of late 2018, the company have been getting rid of the plastic and sticking to recyclable packaging which I absolutely love.

We were really impressed with our kitchen cookware from ProCook so we were really excited to try out the baking range. I remember one of the strongest memories of baking was at my Grandma’s house, we were baking a classic Victoria sponge (my favourite). My Grandma was teaching me how to crack an egg, I cracked it and missed the bowl. It dribbled down the front of the cabinet and I was sure I was in big trouble. It got cleaned up and we carried on without a frown in sight. My Grandma taught me to bake and my mum helped carry on my love for baking after she passed. This is something I love doing together even today at the age of 27 and have loved introducing this to my nieces and nephew.

It is hard to decide what to buy mums for Mother’s Day, it is often left to Dads to pick what they will buy and I fear that often goes wrong for many women. This is where ProCook come in, they supplied us with an apron, double oven glove, 2 cake tins and a wooden spoon. With this equipment, I enlisted my sister Laura, my nephew Frankie and my niece Matilda to bake a cake for our mum.

We did have to section of a little bowl for Matilda as she was creating her own concoction.

The thought of gifting the ProCook baking set seemed so much more thoughtful after using it to make something with it first. I wanted to use the kit to create a sense of tradition, we currently have a couple of bowls that my Grandma used to mix cake mixture in but nothing else. We aren’t afraid of getting messy with the children so baking is a perfect fit for us as a family. We loved bringing 3 generations together with just one baking set and a cake.

ProCook Springform 8 Inch Cake Tin Set of 2

The cake tins are made of great quality. So great in fact that Matilda was playing pretend baking and dropped them multiple times on the floor without any damage. The cake tins come as a set so you can make a lovely cake ready for Mother’s Day. What I love about the cake tins is that they are built to last and have that very useful opening side so you don’t have to ruin your cake prizing it out of the tin.

ProCook Apron

The apron is in the colour of biscuit and cream, it comes with an adjustable neck strap so anyone can wear it. It is a lovely length with very handy pockets and is so useful for any type of cooking in the kitchen. The colours and fabrics of the apron are lovely and fit into any kitchen. I have worn it in my parent’s kitchen which is dark worktops and then again at my sisters which is light and it fit in both.

ProCook Wooden Spoon

Baking is so much fun and wouldn’t be complete without a wooden spoon. Anyone who uses anything but a wooden spoon is doing it all wrong in my eyes. The ProCook wooden spoon is great, the long handle is great for baking especially for the little helpers.

ProCook Double Oven Glove

The double oven glove is lovely material, thick and soft. We had to leave Matilda playing with it looking like a little penguin before we started baking. The oven glove was so handy as the children often come in and out of the kitchen so we used it as a barrier around the cake while it was still cooling.

We had a lovely morning together creating something special for someone who does so much for us all. This was the finished result of our Victoria sponge which went really well. Both Matilda and Frankie couldn’t wait to eat it so we made some buns along with the cake so mum would get the full thing.

I definitely think this will be a tradition for us going forward for Mother’s Day. It was so worthwhile getting everyone involved in something as it meant so much more to us all. This is a great gift idea for that special someone who loves cooking and baking. Even if you want to do this for Father’s Day it is well worth doing. A great idea for the recipient is bundling up the baking equipment and ingredients into a basket and spending the day together using it all.

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