Schleich’s Expanding World Of Eldrador

Schleich has recently expanded its world of Edlrador with two new characters; Ice Griffin and Lava Scorpion. Taking the total number of characters in this world up to eighteen, you can be sure there’s a character for everyone to join in the battle.

There are four worlds of Eldrador; Lava, Ice, Stone and Water. Right now, the Lava World has managed to capture the superweapon which allows them to rule over the other worlds.

Only by seizing the superweapon are the others able to save their own world. However, this is no easy task!

The superweapon is currently stuck in lava rock deep inside the Lava World and is being watched over by the eagle-eyed red-hot fire lion. Use the characters and your imagination to help the characters from the other worlds claim back the superweapon from the Lava world.

We have two of the latest characters to review from Schleich’s Eldrador world they are;

The Ice Griffin

The Ice Griffin has a number of pointy weapons designed to neutralise its enemies in a duel. With six razor-sharp ice feathers on each of its incredible wings it can keep enemies at a distance.

This is certainly our favourite of the two new character releases, it’s super majestic, mighty and the wings are adjustable allowing you to simulate attacking and flying.

The Lava Scorpion

The Lava Scorpion lurks in the rugged rocks of Lava World waiting patiently for its victims. Ready to attack at all times its shell is made from the hardened stone but has flaming hot lava bursting through the insides.

The Lava Scorpion has multiple articulated points including the tail and pincers to create a customisable lifelike play.

The composite of materials used are super hardwearing as you’ll no doubt have come to expect from Schleich making this Lava Scorpion tough enough to stand up to any battle!

Each of the characters currently retails for £15.99 and is available from Smyths.

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