September 2018 – What We Watched This Month

We’re back with another ‘What We Watched This Month’. It’s rolling into Autumn, things are getting snug and cosy and we are getting to that time where I want to lay in bed with a film and a hot chocolate. We have been in Japan most of the month, so we spent a lot of time exploring and when we did watch anything it was Desperate Housewives of course!

The Adults

Desperate Housewives

We are currently on season 4 now, yes we have covered a lot of ground since our last ‘What We Watched This Month’. We don’t like to waste time. The stories are getting more complex, we are seeing more characters develop and become in and out of the story. We are truly loving what is going on and if you have seen the whole series, tell us in the comments who you love the most. If you haven’t started watching this yet, it definitely isn’t too late!

The Teens

Night School

If there is anything your teens could watch to make them pay more attention at school it is this. This came out in cinemas and still there right now. The story basis is about a guy who didn’t try at school and left without getting good grades, years later he’s back at school working on getting better grades to get a better job. Throw in humour, Kevin Hart and a good story you have a winner.

The Kids

Abney And Teal

I remember watching Abney and Teal when Frankie was little and loved it. It was mostly on at nap time and bedtime. The series is short, fun and gentle. The story is simple and the characters are extremely lovable. From an adults perspective, it is nice as there is talking to help your little one learn and the design of the programme is very sweet and fun.


We have been spending more time with the kids and especially Matilda. Clangers is a programme that has been going 45 years. It has seen changes here and there but the core value is still there. This is another of Matilda’s favourites as she likes the pink characters, the whimsical feel and the noises they make. She isn’t much of an English speaker herself yet so think she relates to them.

Hope you have enjoyed this month ‘What We Watched’. If you have any recommendations leave us a comment and we will be sure to get back to you. If you have anything we could recommend for the kids to watch we would love to hear what your little ones love.

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