SimBrix Geek Kit Review

We were sent a super cool SimBrix Geek Kit in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts, opinions and photographs are our own. 

We LOVE Lego. True fact, Helen and I actually ran a highly successful Lego business online and at dedicated Lego shows for the best part of five years. So, whenever we hear of a product similar, or arguably better, we’re always first in line.

SimBrix is highly similar to the popular Perler beads. Except due to the friction between the colours, there’s no need for an iron. Which is pretty cool, at least in principle. We found that if we weren’t careful with our creation after connecting all the brix then they’d pretty easily fall apart.

Of course, there are plenty of benefits to no ironing. Firstly, no ironing… No getting the iron out, waiting for the iron to warm up, making sure you’ve done it right etc… Then, of course, there’s the ability to take your creations apart and use the brix, again and again, making a different design each time.

While the aim is to use your imagination to create different designs from SimBrix there is an inspiration deck with loads of cool ideas for all difficulty levels.

Frankie is really into making Youtube videos at the moment, so when we brought home the SimBrix kit to try, he was first in line. Here’s his take on it…

We were provided with the SimBrix Geek Kit in return for this review.

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